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Announcement of the results of the 6th year of the grant program for elementary schools in the Kosice Region WHERE AND HOW WE WILL LIVE 2009

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, March 20, 2009 - Today we found out the winners of the environmental competition Where and How We Will Live, which was announced by U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o. in cooperation with the Sosna civic organization, with the aim of supporting the positive approach of young people to the environment. The Jury of specialists from non-governmental organizations, the educational area and the program organizer selected the 8 best projects from the 25 which were accepted. The company provided the sum of 8 310 EUR (250 347,06 SKK) to carry out the projects. Up to now U. S. Steel Kosice has contributed the amount of more than 41 490 EUR (1 250 000 SKK) to the competition. Symbolic checks and diplomas were given to the creators of the winning projects by U. S. Steel Kosice President George F. Babcoke and General Manager Environment Tibor Duchonovic in the Main Hall of the Historical Town Hall on Hlavná Street in Kosice.

In his speech George Babcoke congratulated all the pupils and he emphasized that "the participation of young people in competitions devoted to environmental issues can help to develop this region. We pay special attention to environmental issues in our company, and it is not a coincidence that right after safety, this is the second principal driver of our business."

The environmental grant program Where and How We Will Live has been actively involving pupils from elementary schools and special elementary schools since the year 2003, focusing on the areas of air and water protection and collection and recycling of waste. The pupils led by their teachers participate in the preparation and implementation of projects that result in creation of school gardens, eco-learning spots and nature trails. Here pupils get to know the trees, plants and medicinal herbs, they get familiarized with the processing of biological waste in the composting process and the utilization of water.
Attachment: list of schools and their winning projects

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1. Trstene pri Hornade, Skolska 94
Project: Protection and renewal of Hornad river branch
Sum: 1 500 € (45 189,00 SKK)

2. Roznava , Zlata 2
Project: We are learning about nature in nature and with nature!!!
Sum: 280 € (8 435,28 SKK)

3. Michalovce, Krymska 5
Project: Relaxing and educational zone
Sum: 700 € (21 088,20 SKK)

4. Helcmanovce
Project: Green for our school
Sum: 1 570 € (47 297,82 SKK)

5. Zdana 244
Project: Greenhouse - eco-learning room
Sum: 530 € (15 966,78 SKK)

6. Vojcice, Skolska 379
Project: School nature trail
Sum: 980 € (29 523,48 SKK)

7. Sobrance, Remetske Hamre 27
Project: Save four drops of water
Sum: 1 500 € (45 189,00 SKK)

8. Michalovce, Moussona 4
Project: The mysterious pathway of knowledge and wisdom
Sum: 1 250 € (37 657,50 SKK)