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Chuk and Gek are welcomed to the ZOO

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, March 30th 2007 - On Sunday at the ZOO in Kosice there is a ceremonial welcoming for two young seals. The twins Chuk and Gek are to be greeted is their new residence by visitors to the ZOO, city representatives and the company U. S. Steel Kosice. Guests shall meet them at their newly-constructed pool with its nearly 100 cubic meter capacity.

Construction of the breeding and dwelling facility for the seals at the Kavecany ZOO was realized in cooperation with the city and the financial contribution of U. S. Steel Kosice which devoted one million crowns to the cause. This stylish addition to the family of animals will especially be a draw for the children. A surprise in the form of a plush seal awaits the first hundred of them who bring with them to the zoo a drawing of their favorite animal.

The president of U. S. Steel David H. Lohr upon his meeting with director of the ZOO Stefan Kollar shall hand over a cheque of 60 thousand crowns to provide for the year-long feeding of the animals. Later with mayor Frantisek Knapik there will be unveiled a wall decoration which shall adorn the seal grounds. Also attractive for onlookers, together with feeding the seals, will be a fairy tale done as puppet-theater which is being prepared for the children.

U. S. Steel has been supporting the ZOO in Kavecany since 2002.

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