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Green for school projects

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, April 27, 2011 - U. S. Steel Kosice together with the SOSNA civic association today announced the best projects in the annual grant program named Where and How We Will Live 2011. The evaluation committee consisting of the representatives of the company, the Kosice Self-Governing Region, teachers and students communities divided 6 700 euros among seven schools for their environmental activities and solutions.

The aim of the grant program is to increase pupils' awareness in the environmental field and to support their activities focusing on environmental protection and development in the school area, in local communities and the surrounding region. The main topic for 2011 was water in nature. The selected projects should not only result in better knowledge of plants and animals in the school surroundings, either urban or rural, but also change pupils' attitudes and create positive relations to nature and its protection. Pupils together with their teachers have prepared "adopt a spring" projects, water areas protected by the schools, as well as campaigns and competitions focused on saving water or even creation of a school anthem about water.

"It is very pleasing to see so many young people keen on discovering and protecting nature," said U. S. Steel Kosice President David J. Rintoul to more than one hundred students. "This is good news for this country as well as for industrial and other companies, which can benefit in future from having educated employees respecting environmental care in their work."

The list of chosen schools and projects:

  • Elementary School and Kindergarten, Rakovec nad Ondavou - We map and create ecosystems
  • Jozef Urban Elementary School, Jenisejska 22, Kosice - Let's discover the treasures of our neighborhood
  • Elementary School and Kindergarten, Zbince - Magic drops
  • Elementary School, Druzicova 4, Kosice - Garden in the school, school in the garden
  • Private Elementary Art School, Okruzna 17, Michalovce - Plein-air by the spring
  • Combined School - Special Elementary School, Nova 803, Dobsina - Water in nature - Jolly Creek
  • Elementary School and Kindergarten, Poproc - Water - the well of life

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