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How to get to the Steel Arena

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, February 22, 2006 - Two days have remained to the ceremonial opening of the Steel Arena. The new ice hockey stadium will open its gates on Friday, February 24, 2006. Almost 7,000 visitors will attend to the opening ceremony, which means a demanding task for the organizers of this event. Strict measures will apply for its smooth and secure course. The prohibition of entrance with armaments and dangerous objects will be applied. Do not bring umbrellas, metallic or wooden sharp objects with you. You will not be admitted with any meal or a PVC bottle.
However, refreshment for visitors will be provided; a few refreshment bars will be available for them directly in the Arena. All visitors shall pass through the security inspection directly in the Arena, during which dangerous objects will be withdrawn from them without any possibility to return them back. The seized objects will be stored in special containers, and later will be transported to the waste salvage. All areas and sectors of the Arena will be monitored by the security camera system. Do not bring bicycles, baby-carriages, roller-skates or other transportation means with you to the stadium. The organizers will also withdraw from visitors any entertainment pyrotechnic or other subjects that could endanger health of the other visitors or to damage the internal equipment of the Arena. Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.


Due to limited parking places in the surroundings of the Steel Arena, we recommend to use the municipal public transportation. "On Friday, February 24, 2006, from approx. 15:30 to 22.00 hours, in addition to mass urban transportation routes that usually stop at the Regional Court stop, all buses and trolley-buses running from Moldavska cesta Street and Toryska Street towards the city centre, will also stop here. The buses will stop at the street car No. 6 stop (on the track); the trolley-buses will stop on the road, at the level of the street car stop.
During the above-mentioned hours, all buses running in both directions will also stop at the Ice Stadium street car stop. Extra lines of the urban mass transportation will also run, probably on routes No. 6, 7, 11, 15 and 71, and if necessary, on extra lines X1 (street car: on the Railway Station - Ice Stadium - DPMK depot route and back) and X2 (bus: on the Nam. Osloboditelov - Ice Stadium - Kosice City Municipality route and back)", Jozef Jasso, general director of DPMK informed.

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