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Investment Target - Eastern Slovakia

Author: USS Košice

U. S. Steel Kosice & Sponsors Second USA Investment Conference

November 11, 2003, Kosice - U. S. Steel Kosice ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CENTER (EDC) personnel are in New York City today, talking to various businesses interested in investing in Eastern Slovakia.

The EDC working in close cooperation with United States Steel Corporation, the U. S. Embassy in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic Embassy in Washington, SARIO - (the Slovak Government Investment Unit) and other partners began the second round of investment conferences aimed at bringing investors to Slovakia.

The initial Road show was held in May 2003 and proved to be very successful. Conferences will be held in New York and Detroit through November 14th. These conferences give first hand information on the experience, opportunities and benefits from investing in Slovakia.

U. S. Steel Kosice president - Christopher J. Navetta indicated "There are exciting things happening in the Slovak Republic, the attitude to investment is very positive. We thought now would be an opportune time to conduct another USA Tour". He added "Our people possess the skill, expertise and experience of how to invest in Slovakia, and can provide valuable assistance to potential investors, the conferences are an excellent forum to do that".

Juraj Augustin, general manager of regional development and director of EDC commented "Based on our initial Road show, we have tailored this event as a workshop targeting interested investors and providing sufficient details as to their specific interests. Our expectation is for another successful visit".

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