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Steelmakers volunteer to help

Author: USS Košice

Kosice, June 11th 2007 - More than 160 steelworks employees, managers and their family members joined in voluntary activities last Friday and Saturday, declared as U. S. Steel Kosice Volunteer Days. Friday saw the Steelmakers' Drop of Blood campaign, when in the course of one single day 81 employees came to give some of that precious liquid. On Saturday, groups of other volunteers helped in three different places. At Kosice ZOO they repaired fencing around the ungulates' enclosures, so now visitors will be able to see zebras and horses - mares with foals - in their newly-adapted "solariums".
Skilled handiwork was also appreciated at the Fischer-Colbrie Old-age Rest Home on Juzna trieda in Kosice. The people living in this home saw their rather neglected park tidied up, ready for the creation in the future of a relaxation area for pensioners, and seriously-ill and invalid patients. To make this possible, the volunteers cleared the area of weeds and bushes and removed old metal frames and wrecked benches. Another large group worked at the Children's Fun-Sports Area on Alejova Street. Here children have the opportunity to do various sports on several pitches and courts, to have fun on in-line skates, or to learn something more about road-safety in the traffic playground. So that the fun-sports area fulfills not just its functional but also esthetic requirements, the volunteers helped with improving the entrance areas. They tidied up the flower-beds, planted bushes, and prepared space for setting out new trees. This group was also joined by the HC Kosice ice-hockey players Marek Bartanus, Michal Lukac, Tomas Zagyi and Lukas Skrecko.
Also participating in the voluntary assistance were USSK top managers - President David Lohr and Vice-presidents Pitorak, Peters, King, Mullarkey and Wilson together with their wives and family members. The steelmakers demonstrated once again that they know how to give help where it is needed, and they are prepared to give their spare time to work for good cause.

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