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“We have not been to Jasov Cave before, and the children liked it...”

Created: 8/3/2016
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Category: 16/2016

Families in USSK's “We Are with You at the Right Time” project on a joint trip.

The Old Chamber, Bats Chamber, White Chamber, Quill Gallery, Bear Hall... Do you know what these have in common? The children involved here would not be surprised by that question. They would tell you for sure that these are the locations of dripstone formations in one of Slovakia's most famous underground natural beauties. Jasov Cave, a feature of the Slovak Karst National Park inscribed in UNESCO's World Natural Heritage List, is known for its remarkable rock shapes, many archaeological finds, hibernating bats, and a very interesting history. Made accessible in 1846, the length of its tour route now measures more than seven hundred meters. On Wednesday, July 20, five families of steelmakers included in the Company's project named “We Are with You at the Right Time” passed along it together with Donna Buckiso, the wife of the President of U.S. Steel Kosice, and their two children, who spend part of their holidays in Kosice. The invitation to take this short trip was accepted by the Kovács, Turinsky, Hlebo, Horváth and Képeš families. It was especially the children, with more than one-third of their two-month summer break from school already gone, who enjoyed the cave tour. Most of them saw its interior for the first time.

"We have not been to Jasov Cave before, and the children and I enjoyed the tour,” said one mother, Mrs. Andrea Horváthová, on its completion. “I personally, but also the children, were very attracted to the cave's big heart of stone. It was very nice. From the technical commentary we learned that rumor says that if it crumbled, the whole cave would collapse.” "Before eating her post-tour strudel, an inquisitive Simonka Turinska revealed to us what impressed her most. “The bones. They were from a fox and a bear. Nah, I wasn't afraid at all,” she convincingly demonstrated, inspecting a small wooden bat dangling on a string around her neck. Every child of the families involved in this USSK project took away the same gift to remind them of their trip.


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