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Arbors will be the priority

Created: 3/16/2016
Author: Richard DREISIG
Category: 06/2016

Our volunteers will visit the Bankov Re-Education Center for the first time

The steps of steelmakers will also lead for the first time to the Bankov Re-Education Center on May 14, during the traditional Volunteer Days. 64 children live in this facility, undistinguished at the first glance. A basic school with four classes and own training school are parts of the re-education center as well. They specialize in gardening.

They are looking forward very much to the help of our volunteers, which was also confirmed by the Center Director Tibor Palko: “We have a lot of work here indeed; however, we cannot handle everything on our own. We would like to build two wooden sheds at the children's playground. They will be put up at the same place as the original ones. So we would be very happy if handy steelmakers who are able to work with wood and are experienced in building arbors could come to us. We have the necessary material, including roofing,” he says, inviting skilled volunteers for a working visit.

They will also have lot of work, the director says, on the nearby sports field, which is currently bordered by a not very nice fence. They would be glad if our people can help with the removal of the old netting and the installation of new reinforcing sections. The locals truly care about having the playground in order. "We are going to host a significant sports event two weeks after the volunteering event. One hundred children from similar facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be visiting us. They will compete in athletics, soccer, netball, volleyball, and table tennis. This event has a long tradition,” emphasizes T. Palko.

At Bankov they would also need help with the repair of old toilets that are located at the gym on the ground floor. They are used by boys during training. The director says they would really appreciate colleagues with masonry skills for this work. The old plaster needs to be scraped off and a new coat needs to be done. Skilled women employees will be valuable in the Re-education Center as well.

The interest of our people is already now most appreciated in the Re-education Center. It does not happen often that private companies come to Bankov to give a helping hand. U. S. Steel has already supported this facility both financially and materially in the past.  


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