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Awards for long-serving steelmakers

Created: 12/14/2016
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: 23/2016

This year as many as 812 employees of U. S. Steel Košice have reached significant employment anniversaries, having worked at the steelworks for 30, 35, 40 or even 45 years, thus making an indelible mark in company history.

Four gala evenings have been held in Košice this autumn to mark these anniversaries, attended by various members of USSK top management and labor union leaders, giving the invitees the opportunity to recall the beginnings and the course of their working careers. These employees will be reminded of the acknowledgment of their long-term contribution to the steelmaking company's results by the letter of thanks from Company President Scott Buckiso and the commemorative gold or silver medal which they have each received.


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