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Awards for the corporate newspaper and website

Created: 5/25/2016
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Category: 11/2016

Success of U. S. Steel Košice in the Slovak competition Corporate Medium of the Year 2015

Participation in the Slovak competition called Corporate Medium of the Year 2015 was again a success for U. S. Steel Košice. The second place prize was awarded to Oceľ východu in the Corporate Newspaper Category, as was also the case of the website, which competed for the first time in the Websites and Intranet Category.
According to jury member Monika Kozelová from the Corporate Medium Club, 288 different media were registered for the 13th edition of the Competition, from which 150 were selected to compete for the top awards. Fifty-eight large companies, government bodies, and non-governmental organizations could verify the quality of their work. The External Communication Category attracted the greatest interest. "This year we recorded significant development in printed media in spite of the fact that we still observe their general decrease in the mainstream," said M. Kozelová.
The jury jointly assessed entries in 13 categories. Nine special prizes were awarded. The results of the Competition were announced in the Mirror Hall of the Primatial Palace in Bratislava on May 13, 2016.
To date two third, four second, and six first place prizes have been awarded to Oceľ východu in this Competition and it is also the holder of the title "Corporate Medium of the Decade." This year it shared second place with HeinekenNovinky, Heineken Slovakia’s corporate newspaper. The corporate newspaper of the National Highways Company (called Výtlk, meaning Pothole) was awarded the first place prize and "Novinky písané ceruzkou" of the West Slovakian Energy Corporation took the third place prize.
In the Websites and Intranet Category, U. S. Steel Košice website got ahead of the website of the capital city Bratislava, and the Slovnaft Intranet E-Shop and the Lidl Slovak Republic website shared third place.


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