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Careers Day in Košice

Created: 3/14/2018
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Category: Students

The thirteenth edition of the annual Careers Day event was organized by the Technical University of Košice in the premises of its university library last Wednesday, March 7. The organizers had promised the university students a unique opportunity to do some market research of their own and to quiz the representatives of prestigious companies operating in various business fields, as well as giving the chance to those business representatives to introduce themselves to the students and present their summer internship programs, student work and training courses, or actual job vacancies. Everything went off as planned. And there could be absolutely no complaint of lack of interest from the two dozen companies present, including U. S. Steel Košice. Visitors to the event expressed great interest above all in the possibility of coming to the steelmaking company to participate in either our popular two-month summer internship or even whole-year work experience.


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