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"Coming up here was change for the better …"

Created: 11/11/2015
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: Employees

Peter Cséplö has been working at the Košice steelmaking company for fifteen years.
The final minutes of Peter Cséplö´s twelve-hour night shift were ebbing away. In the large garage of the Works Fire Department the next shift team was gathering together already. "We're used to the shift work," he smiled when he emerged from the changing-room. "Our crew was on alert as always, but the shift was peaceful, and no intervention had to take place …. fortunately," he comments briefly on the night-shift situation at the steelworks, and agrees to a brief discussion about his profession, about his fifteen-year activities at the steelmaking company, as well as his hobbies, to which he devotes most of his free time.
"Well, time passes quickly and I can’t even believe that it has gone so far already, as it's been fifteen years since I started working at U. S. Steel Košice. We live in hectic times," he gets lost in thought for a moment and then immersed in memories. He studied as a metalworker in one of Košice´s corporate vocational schools aimed at machine technology. Although he tred to do a job at a turning-lathe for several months, something attracted him elsewhere. He joined the VSS works firefighters as soon as had completed the required course in Žilina. "However, the VSS company terminated its operations soon afterwards. It was necessary to move on." He knocked on the door of the Košice steelworks. which was expecting the arrival of a strategic investor at that time. They opened up for him ... "I worked in our SBS security squad for some time, but I wanted to go back to the fire-fighting profession. After all, I had worked for over eighteen years in this field and felt that I missed this job. In 2000, I applied for a vacant position in the Works Fire Department and I succeeded … "
Peter Cséplö is now a fire-fighter – machine operator and inspector of fire extinguishers. He is in charge of fire trucks exiting to incidents and fires, control of pumps, maintenance of fire-fighting equipment to ensure it is serviceable, as well as checking fire extinguishers, which all buildings at the plant are equipped with. "We regularly complete these inspections together with my colleagues once a month. All of us have designated particular zones of the inspection; we check whether devices are in appropriate places and whether they meet the respective technical requirements. Pressure tests among others check their characteristics and serviceability every five years." Peter Cséplö believes that steelmakers would be proficient in the case that fire extinguisher use was necessary. He attributes such success to the training sessions conducted by his colleagues.

“I like working in this plant,” he admits directly.  "I got better conditions; the professional level is high over here. I also enjoy the fact that this is not monotonous work, there is always something changing ...  One's simply always progressing, so we improve our skills in several areas, not only in our profession," he stresses the advantages of his job. And he does not forget to reveal that he means the activities outside of the company as well. Peter regularly participates in the winter sports games for U. S. Steel Košice mployees. "I love skiing, and I compete in slalom. But frankly, I am not that keen on any medal achievement as such.  Sport is the point," he says. What does he do in his leisure time?  There are lots of hobbies, he likes playing his guitar and is enthusiastic about target shooting. "I really have not experienced any boredom.  I enjoy working in my garden, where we spend whole days in the summer.  There is our cottage. I have started cultivating various sorts of ornamental plants and grasses; we have cedars, as well as a fig tree and other exotic plants.  We live in a block of flats, so it is not surprising that work in the garden is great relaxation for us.  And it makes us happy!" he declares when preparing for leaving the room. And while walking, he mentions that he will be in bed a bit later. "I'll be getting some relaxing swimming after that," he outlines how he'll be  filling his next hour.  "In our profession it is necessary to maintain our fitness ..."


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