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Do you have things at home that you do not need? Give them a second chance!

Created: 3/16/2016
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: 06/2016

We will help charity centers and non-profit organizations

Sort the clothes in your wardrobes and donate T-shirts, trousers, sweatpants or other pieces of clothing that you have not worn for several seasons. During the spring cleaning you will undoubtedly find other things at home that needlessly take up space and you do not need them anymore. Do not throw them away, or let them end up in a trash-can or dust-bin. You have a unique opportunity to give them a second chance. 

If you decide to join the collection of useful things for charity centers and non-profit organizations, you will have two days for this. On Friday, May 13, from 12 noon to 6 p.m., and on Saturday, May 14, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. you can bring them to two places: to the Autumn of Life Club at no. 24, Trieda SNP next to the Lunik II shopping center, or to the Senior Citizens' Home at no. 2, Južná trieda in Košice. There are people in both places who will be grateful for them and will appreciate them. 

Undoubtedly this will be the case of clients of the ETP Slovakia – Center for Sustainable Development non-profit organization, which has been operating in Slovakia for fourteen years and provides services to socially deprived people. According to the words of its director Slávka Mačáková, they need clothes, shoes, various English books and textbooks and school supplies for children, and shoes, sneakers, crocs, jackets, belts, handbags and older travel bags for adults.

Such giveaways will also be appreciated by the Oasis of Hope non-profit organization in Bernátovice, which operates a shelter and a hostel for homeless people and is managed by the priest Peter Gombita. Today, two hundred people find shelter there. Many of them are not able to “dig themselves out” of the trouble they have ended up in. Whether through their own actions, or having someone else "help" them into trouble, they have fallen to the bottom and nobody wants them. Oasis helps them avoid having to beg, so that they can rise up, live with dignity and ultimately stand up on their own two feet. “We very much appreciate clean men’s and women’s underwear, clothes, bedding, towels, kitchen towels, blankets, shoes, even in larger sizes, work clothes, wood, pallets, radiators and various construction materials, including roofing, and working tools like hammers, screwdrivers, hoes, rakes or spades. We can use also vegetable seedlings,” says the therapist Jarmila Repovská.

The help of Košice steelmakers will also be valuable for the Archdiocesan Charity in Košice, which has been active in the field of social, medical, humanitarian and educational services since 1992. Its services are offered to elderly, ill, abandoned, homeless, single parents, children in foster homes, socially dependent persons, persons with disabilities, and many others. Veronika Hotová says that they also need clothes and shoes for their clients; not costumes, evening dresses and pumps, but rather jeans and sportswear for adults, towels, blankets, kitchen accessories, working tools, as well as children’s clothing.

Let us just add what should be obvious, which is that the addressees of our aid will be grateful for well-kept, undamaged and clean clothes. If you would like to contribute to the collection with vegetable seedlings for example, bring them to the Autumn of Life Club at Terasa. In the case of larger materials (e.g. construction material), consult the place of destination with the coordinator of volunteer activities S. Tvrdoňová on 673 4915, 0917 704 467.


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