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Engagement of educated, skilled people helps USSK grow

Created: 3/14/2018
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Category: Students

On Thursday of last week, March 8, twenty-seven students from the Secondary Vocational School in Košice-Šaca, future steelmaking plant operators, electrical mechanics, mechanics and machine and equipment repairers, and programmers for CNC milling and welding machines, as well as fifteen students from the Secondary Vocational School for Railways in Košice, also electrical mechanics, came to U. S. Steel Košice to sign agreements for future employment contracts.

The Company works with these two partner schools in educating and training potential employees in various fields of work. This cooperation involves arranging practical training for the students in selected production operations at the steelworks, adaptation of teaching syllabuses and planning of the schools' curriculum, as well as supporting the recruitment of students from elementary schools. The opportunity to sign agreements for future employment contracts with USSK was offered to selected final-year students who fulfilled the criteria for such a contract. Apart from their school results, the selection process took into account the students observance of the principles and rules of safety at work during their operational experience at the steelworks, as well as assessments of the students by their specialist training instructors.


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