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European employers on migration and climate

Created: 11/25/2015
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Category: 24/2015

Miroslav Kiraľvarga, U. S. Steel Košice Vice President External Relations, Administration and Business Development, in his role as President of the National Union of Employers in the Slovak Republic, took part last week in the meeting of the Council of Presidents of the Confederation of European Business, or BUSINESSEUROPE, which was held in Luxemburg on 19-20 November. In addition to current topics such as the migration and asylum situation, developments in Greece, or the election results in Poland and Turkey, the participants also focused on macroeconomic and social issues. In connection with the upcoming climate summit in Paris, there was an especially important discussion on the conclusions of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, which has been helping governments, industry and society since 2013 in decision-making on how to achieve economic prosperity and development also taking into account climate change.
     "There will certainly be discussions at the summit about which parts of the new proposal regarding climatic changes should be legally binding, and which not," Miroslav Kiraľvarga informed us. "Individual countries have different opinions on this. As the European Union remains the leader in reducing emissions, we need to know whether and how the industrial sectors working on the global markets will be regulated. Only global, that is world-wide solutions make any sense in the case of climatic change. Many countries agree provisionally with the rules of transparency and accountability, but we shall see to what extent," he remarked on the subject of the summit's key issues. It is worth pointing out that this meeting in Paris will be the 21st summit dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


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