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Everyone who wants to help will find a spot

Created: 3/2/2016
Author: Magdaléna FECURKOVÁ
Category: Sections

We talk to the senior coordinator of the volunteer event called U. S. Steel for Košice, Ľubomíra Šoltésovová

This year’s edition of the U. S. Steel for Košice Volunteer Days will take place on Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14. We talk about the details of the event with its coordinator, Ľubomíra Šoltésová, from the department of Director Public Affairs.

This year we are organizing the tenth edition of the volunteer event called U. S. Steel for Košice. A round-figure edition is undoubtedly an opportunity to look back and briefly evaluate this activity which over the years has attracted the attention of an increasing number of supporters among the steelmakers.

I think that we have done a good deal of valuable work. I can recall the pilot event, which was attended by roughly a dozen people, and today for organizational reasons we are trying to keep the number down to about 500 volunteers; this creates a good reputation for the steelmakers. Every year they are willing to volunteer some of their free time, and such a team of people spreads a positive atmosphere and participation is enriching at the same time. I hope that we as organizers also contribute to that positive atmosphere. Each year we assess the event, learn from mistakes and try to improve it further. 

• Every year the steelworkers prove that they care about the needs of the region, and volunteering in support of others is not unknown to them. But how do you choose the beneficiaries of this support?

At the beginning it was nonprofit organizations which we supported financially or materially. It was direct support from our employees that shifted the cooperation to a higher level. Slowly we started contacting other entities which were able to make use of our support, and we followed the preferences of our employees. The list of entities is different every year, since in some cases, mainly with smaller ones, it is enough to come and support them once and help them make a significant change happen. On the other hand, entities occupying a large space, such as the botanical garden or the zoo, can appreciate our support each year.

• Who will receive our support this year and for what purpose?

It has become a tradition to help charity organizations and institutions for children with degrees of health or social impairment, but also to support environmental protection activities. The most precious fluid, blood, is needed at all times and so for the tenth year in the row the Steelmakers' Drop of Blood donor drive will be part of our volunteer days. In the next edition of Oceľ východu we will start introducing the selected entities and the type of support they need from us. The information will be posted both on the Company intranet as well as the internet pages.

• What advice can you give to colleagues who would like to join the volunteer days with their children?

The work is mainly intended for adult volunteers, however just like at home, some older children can help with some of the activities. It is important to play a model role in such a generous activity. Still, you have to register children older than 12 years separately; do not register them via the registration form. The parents who are willing to help, but their children are younger than 12 years, can register for the work at the zoo. We will arrange an interesting program for the children so that the parents can work.

• What else should the steelmakers consider when choosing their volunteer activity in this Company event? What should not be omitted?

Let's start with the zoo again. Employees with younger children should be prioritized, since other locations are not intended for children younger than 12 years. This volunteer event is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the team, and we even cannot imagine it without some well-matched crews. I also want to invite other employees of our Company to join the tenth edition of the U. S. Steel for Košice Volunteer Days 2016. Registration opens on April 14. I believe that everyone can pick an activity that they have experience with, and if this particular activity is not available any more there are other organizations and activities listed in the offer where our support will also be appreciated. Everyone who wants to help will find a spot.


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