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Excellent certificate from our customers

Created: 3/16/2016
Author: -rd-
Category: 06/2016

In recent days an annual survey of satisfaction of our customers has been evaluated by our colleagues in the unit of General Manager Customer Technical Service USSE. The results are more than pleasing. Through the online survey they have tried to find out how satisfied the customers are with the quality of products and services provided by us. Customers had to rate from 1 (the best) to 5 (the worst). Feedback was received from 96 percent of customers, which is historically the highest number of survey respondents. Customer satisfaction with flat rolled sheets, which form the basis of our product portfolio, obtained the mark 1.77, which is the best rating ever since the beginning of implementation of such satisfaction surveys. It is also pleasing that up to 52 percent of customers consider us as better than our competition. For example, last year it was only 36 percent. As for our services, we obtained the best evaluations in commercial support, technical service and problem solving.

Viliam Gašpar, General Manager Customer Technical Service USSE, was extremely pleased with the results. “Positive feedback from our customers is a clear signal that we are on the right way, he says. “I am especially pleased with the evaluation of our services. This is something that really differentiates us from our competition.”


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