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Extract from USSK President’s statement addressed to employees:

Created: 12/10/2015
Author: Scott BUCKISO
Category: 25/2015

I would also like to mention how volatile and dynamic the situation has become.
If we want to sell products and earn money, we have to have acceptable prices per ton of steel. The prices are currently down due to massive imports of foreign goods at dumping prices and financial and other EU regulations. At the same time we have to face the highest energy prices compared to our competitors. Our business has always been a never-ending fight on the markets. We continue to work through these difficult times and this situation together with the labor unions, the government and other business partners to find the best possible solution in order to protect our presence on the market. In the meantime, we must all continue to be diligent regarding what we can control; the safety of all USSK employees, the Carnegie Way transformation, cost reductions, and making quality steel for our customers.

President, U. S. Steel Košice


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