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Have you visited the new website?

Created: 2/3/2016
Author: Iveta FIALOVÁ
Category: 05/2016

The new website of U. S. Steel Košice not only has a more modern look, it also has the ambition to present more up-to-date content. Maybe you have already seen this for yourself, if you have visited the website recently. The new website is easy to understand. The headlines reliably navigate you to particular sections, which are divided into areas of ​​activity. However, if you are one of those who have not much experience with the internet, maybe you will find it useful to have some explanations and advice from Arpad Köteles from the unit of Director Public Affairs, the administrator of the U. S Steel Košice website, who introduced us to the backroom of preparations for the revamped Company website.

• Experts in web design say that a modern website should have, in particular, a simple structure, a clear menu, attractive content and a good display and functionality in mobile devices. Does our new Company website meet these criteria, and how does it differ from its predecessor?

The new website of U. S. Steel Košice has undergone several technical improvements and, of course, its content is new as well. The preceding version of our website was created under entirely different technical conditions. Years ago, for example, there was not such a variety and availability of imaging devices as today. As new sections were gradually added, they become opaque over time, so after defining the technical parameters for the new website, we created a structure that is simpler, and from the visitor’s point of view it groups the individual pages so that related information can be found in one place. Visually, in addition to adapting the content to the resolution of a particular device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop), we put more emphasis on photos and lesser amounts of text. The website, in my opinion, corresponds to the current standards and trends.

• How did the final form of the website arise?

The preparation of the new website was a team effort by experts from both external and internal environments. The website redesign was coordinated with the unit of General Manager Business Strategy, and the BSC colleagues prepared the environment for installing the website. In cooperation with our supplier, we organized workshops for colleagues from the Sales Section, with whom we looked for a new way of presentation of our Company. In addition to the presentation of products, we wanted to show solutions that we provide to our customers in the various segments of the industry. We also communicated with other units, not only to update the content, but also to bring in new, useful information; for example, new web pages were created for our vendors. The Research and Development and the Customer Technical Service pages were added as well. We also took our employees’ needs into consideration. In addition to projects relating to the employees, by means of the calendar of events at U. S. Steel Košice we opened up room for access to information that was previously only available on the intranet.

• Let’s say I’m not a customer or vendor who is looking for practical business information on the website, I’m just a curious person who wants to learn more about everyday life in the Košice steel company. Where can I find such information on the website?

For us, the website administrators, articles from Oceľ východu newspaper, which the visitor can find in the section About us, are a very valuable source of information. They cover all important areas of life at the factory and for this reason these articles, in addition to the section devoted to the Company newspaper, also appear on other web pages, depending on their content. For example, if website visitors are looking for information about community projects, about the protection of the environment, or information for students, at the bottom of the respective web page they can find other related articles from Oceľ východu. Web pages for employees can be found in the section Work with us / Employees, where in the calendar of events they can find, for example, the results of the Company employees' games or the photo galleries.

• I think that this part of the website will be appreciated by all employees who do not have much time to browse the company intranet at work, and also by those who do not have access to a computer at their workplaces, as well as by their family members who take part in many events.

This part of the website is new and has great potential not only to transfer the content from the intranet, but also to disseminate information that may be of interest to our colleagues, for example from the area managed by the Human Resources Section. But it is also an opportunity for all employees to get involved in creating the content.

• Of course, it is not an arbitrary process. What would you advise them to do if they wanted to publish any news or information on the website?

If employees have any information related to the activities of the factory and want to share it with their colleagues and with the public, they can contact me via e-mail at, and after approval such information will be published on the Company website.

• You certainly do not discourage people from providing any suggestions on how to improve the website. Where can the visitors address their comments or questions?

The contact information can be found at the bottom of each web page. We have also created contact forms for communication with our customers and vendors, which can be found in the respective sections and serve to establish direct contact. Any comments or questions are welcome via e-mail at: or


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