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Highlights of 02/2004

Created: 1/12/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 02/2004

U. S. Steel Kosice fourth Annual Ball opens ball season in Kosice

On Saturday, January 10th, the "House of Art" in Kosice, changed beyond recognition and decorated with thousands of meters of white muslin, candles and flowers, most of which were white roses, became the venue for the fourth U. S. Steel Kosice Annual Ball. Invitations from the ball's hosts, Phyllis and Christopher Navetta, to the opening of this year's ball season in our city were accepted by around 450 guests, steelworks employees and management, business partners, as well as important representatives of economic, cultural and social life in Slovakia.
In particular these included the President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster, the first American Ambassador in Slovakia Ralph Johnson, the Chairman of Kosice Regional Council Rudolf Bauer and the Mayor of Kosice Zdenko Trebula. "I am very pleased that we can enjoy today's great moments together in these beautiful surroundings," said Christopher Navetta in his welcoming speech. The year 2003, he observed, meant great progress for U. S. Steel Kosice. "Our success is the result of the work of our employees, customers, suppliers, local authorities and state institutions alike, and the local community as well. We highly appreciate the help, support and cooperation we have received from all of these."

Steelworks provides finances for reconstruction

The "House of Art" in Kosice, a unique piece of cultural heritage in our city is no longer just an institution whose most-used feature is its concert hall with extraordinary acoustic qualities, the favorite place for lovers of chamber and symphony concerts in particular as performed by the Kosice Philharmonic Orchestra. It is also increasingly well-known as a venue for high-school graduation parties, dances and balls, and the small theater hall is suitable for lectures, company presentations, conferences and receptions.
Julius Klein, Director of the Kosice Philharmonia, whose home base is precisely in the House of Art, is happy with the cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice. This is not only because of the Company's injections of funds for the organization of the now traditional and international Kosice Spring Music Festival and annual Organ Festival, but also its support in other areas, above all in terms of the renovation of the House of Art. At the end of last year U. S. Steel Kosice presented the Kosice Philharmonia with a gift of exterior lights and illuminations for the building, as well as arranging the reconstruction of parts of the interior.

Mayor praises relations with U. S. Steel Kosice

Events which influenced life in Kosice in a crucial way last year were the main theme of a press conference given by the Mayor of the City Zdenko Trebula on Thursday of last week. The most frequently uttered word at this now traditional New Year meeting was "money", because it is no secret that the City's coffers are "yawningly empty", as some might say. On the topic of cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice the Mayor expressed the following opinion: "I am very pleased that during last year, even more considerable strengthening of relations occurred between the city and U. S. Steel Kosice. I would judge these relations today as being of a very high quality. U. S. Steel Kosice participates really very actively in the resolution of many issues that our city needs to tackle, but lacks the necessary funds for doing so."


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