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Highlights of 03/2004

Created: 1/19/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 03/2004

Big plus for the environment

In the vacant lot behind Steel Shop No.2, still empty and windswept just last fall, the foundations and structures are now rising from the earth for some new installations which are going to make sure that the atmosphere above our heads is cleaner. Construction drilling in the vicinity of Steel Shop No.1 also indicates that similar activity will soon be under way near this plant as well. "We began work on this capital investment project at Steel Shop 2 in the middle of October 2003," Ocel Vychodu was informed by Igor Bazar, Head of the Steel and Casting Section of U. S. Steel Kosice's Engineering Activities Department, who is also Project Manager for Steel Shop 2 De-dusting.

Pay for Skills

The system of employees' skills development, intended to increase their multi-functionality and interchangeability, started at U. S. Steel Kosice last year with the project named JOBS. The pilot areas at U. S. Steel Kosice where the project JOBS - Pay for Skills was introduced were those where new production lines or equipment had been put in operation, namely the slitting lines at the Tin Mill, the vacuum-degassing station at the Steel Shops, and the scrap yard at the BF Charge Preparation unit. The first to be trained were the line managers and shift supervisors, who subsequently trained their foremen and operators. Another project similar to JOBS is the one called TECS, which has started being introduced at the service divisions such as ITES. This project aims to extend the range of skills and certification of employees working in the technical management branches, and the plan also includes the introduction of this project at the Central Maintenance Department. It is expected that during the course of 2004 a further approx. 1000 Company employees will join in either the JOB or TECS projects.

Work experience again this summer

Another opportunity to take part in the Company's production and management activities and the chance to gain experience and skills which cannot be acquired from a university course alone is being offered to university students by U. S. Steel Kosice again this year through its paid summer work experience program. This offer concerns young people who will be finishing the third or fourth year of university in 2004, especially - but not exclusively - those studying in the branches of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, economics, environment, law, sales and marketing, and corporate engineering. Participants in this two-month paid summer work experience can expect an interesting program. Three days a week they will be involved in specific work in particular production divisions and specialist units within the Company, and the other two days they will be taking part in specialist training courses incorporating excursions around the steelworks operations and sessions of activities aimed at developing their leadership and management skills.

Another promise kept

Phyllis Navetta, wife of USSK President Christopher Navetta, promised the children in the Dobsina Children's Home during her visit there well before Christmas that she would arrange a trip for them to see the ice-hockey players of HC Kosice in a home game. She kept her promise, and just recently the children - all great hockey fans in any case - went to see the latest HC Kosice - HC Trencin match. After some refreshments they were presented with Kosice team shirts, just like real fans, and after the very entertaining and victorious game they went to the dressing-room to meet their sporting idols - the players of HC Kosice.


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