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Highlights of 21/2004

Created: 5/24/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 21/2004

Top prize for U. S. Steel Kosice

On Thursday, May 20th, a hundred representatives of important Slovak companies met at the Carlton Hotel in Bratislava to hear the decisions of the nine-member panel on the awarding of the prizes in the Via Bona Slovakia competition. The Via Bona Slovakia 2003 awards were announced by the Pontis Foundation on February 18th of this year.
Altogether 49 candidates were nominated for the prizes - being awarded for the fourth time now - for corporate and individual donors supporting activities for the public good. The top Via Bona Slovakia prize was awarded to U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o., and Company President Christopher J. Navetta accepted the award from Jan Filc in person. To commemorate this evening there will be a plaque and a work of art created by Michal Kavic.
Every prize-winner received a plaque and a picture painted by children from a special elementary school. Patronage of this event was assumed by the first President of the Slovak Republic Michal Kovac, the Ambassador of the USA in Slovakia Ronald Weiser, and the SR Minister for Employment, Social and Family Affairs Ludovit Kanik.

K.F.Csensich to be USS GM Materials Purchasing

United States Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh has announced the appointment of Karl F.Csensich to the post of General Manager for Materials Purchasing, where he will be responsible for the buying of raw materials for the Corporation's American as well as European operations. This change comes into effect as of June 1st this year.

USSK sets an example

Last Thursday the Carlton Hotel in Bratislava was fully occupied by the Pontis Foundation and its guests. The Foundation invited more than 80 corporate representatives to a conference on the theme: Corporate Social Responsibility - a New Strategy for Entrepreneurial Success. Patronage of this event was assumed by the SR Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda. At the introductory press briefinng, this conference was presented as one in a series of events taking place all over Europe, named the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Marathon.
Speaking to the journalists, the Ambassador of the USA in Slovakia Ronald Weiser picked out U. S. Steel Kosice as an example of a company which understands corporate responsibility. Later he presented this idea again to the conference participants. The aim of the conference was to indicate new trends in implementing the principles of socially-responsible corporate conduct, to specify the Government's role in this process, and to provide participants with opportunities for mutual exchange of experience in this field.

Open Days for the fourth time

Last weekend the gates of U. S. Steel Kosice were opened to the public again - for the fourth time now. Plant tours have been organized by USSK Visitors' Center since 2002. Between Friday and Sunday, five groups of our employees' family members had a unique opportunity to see several of the steelworks' operations. After watching a film about the Company and learning about plant safety, the 97 visitors looked at the blast furnaces, steel shops, hot and cold strip mills, tin mill and pipe works.
For the first time, younger people too could take a look inside the factory walls. Children and teenagers from 10 to 17 years old enjoyed their excursion around the steelworks, but for safety reasons they had to look out of the windows of a tour bus.

Maintenance staff lunch with Christopher Navetta

Eleven selected employees from the Special Maintenance and Elektro divisions last week accepted the invitation to lunch together with U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta, also attended by Vice-president Personnel and Organization Martin Pitorak, Vice-president Operations Scott Pape and GM Maintenance Jan Vranec.


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