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Highlights of 28/2004

Created: 7/12/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 28/2004

President meets maintenance workers

There was another working lunch last week to which U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta invited ten selected employees from the Mechanika Division. They talked together about the current working objectives in the Division, but also in the Company as a whole.

U. S. Steel Foundation works for a noble aim

With the aim of supporting the Kosice region in the fields of education, health care and charity, U. S. Steel Kosice set up a foundation which was registered at the end of 2002 under the name of Nadacia U. S. Steel Kosice (U. S. Steel Kosice Foundation). Since its establishment it has helped several individuals in complicated life situations as well as various institutions.
That the Foundation is able to work for this noble aim, and in an open and transparent way, is also thanks to those of the Company's employees who chose this year for the first time to instruct the tax office to transfer to its account sums representing two per cent of their personal income tax due for the year 2003. After careful consideration the Foundation has decided to use some of these funds to assist and support several health-care institutions, specifically those which serve U. S. Steel Kosice employees, their families, the citizens of Kosice and the whole region.

Indoor soccer tournament

The Municipal Sports Hall in Presov was the venue recently for the 12th edition of the annual international indoor soccer tournament for under-16 hearingimpaired pupils, organized with a financial contribution from U. S. Steel Kosice. The tournament was attended by USSK Vice-president for Personnel and Organization Martin Pitorak, representing the Company, who presented the cups and medals to the winners.

Company assistance for villages

U. S. Steel Kosice sponsors a great many activities aimed at regional development. It also offers assistance to villages, the majority of which are struggling with problems of insufficient finances. For this reason several villages have welcomed a new activity which our Company is getting under way at the present time.
This involves supplying them with one of the byproducts from the metallurgical process - blast-furnace grit - which does not always have to be disposed of as waste, but can be put to much more effective use, for instance in road repairs during the summer, or road gritting in winter. Most recently the Peres suburb of Kosice has taken advantage of this helping hand offered by U. S. Steel Kosice. After Peres it will be the turn of other villages in this area, which will be able to make use of blast-furnace grit from U. S. Steel Kosice for various purposes.


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