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Highlights of 30/2004

Created: 7/26/2004
Author: Compiled by: Jozef MARSALA Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 30/2004

Christopher Navetta met another group of selected employees

Meetings of President Christopher Navetta with the best employees of USSK divisions last week in the form of business lunch with employees of Power Engineering division. The meeting held on Wednesday, July 21, 2004, was attended as well by Vice President Operations Mr. Scott C. Pape, Vice President Human Resources Mr. Miroslav Kiralvarga, and GM Energy and Utilities Mr. Vladimír Jacko. President of USSKe at the beginning emphasized excellent and stable performance of employees from Power Engineering. He also appraised the team efforts to actively participate on solving up production tasks at the division. Words of praise were addressed to employees of the division by Mr. Scott Pape. He thanked mainly for the cost savings (Division Power Engineering ranked the first among all divisions in the 1st H 2004). According to opinion of Mr. Miroslav Kiralvarga, Power Engineering division is among best performing divisions.

Plant catering survey results

USSK employee satisfaction survey took place at all facilities of Gastrometal, as well as dinning facilities and buffets within June 21-25, 2004. The survey focused on satisfaction with provided catering services. Three thousand questionnaires were distributed in all the company dinning facilities and buffets and almost 1000 of them were returned with response. Evaluation of employee satisfaction survey was made by independent expert. It resulted from the survey results that 62 respondents use dinning facility services on daily basis, 33% of employees use the mentioned services occasionally and 5% of employees don't use these services.

Drawings from Social Fund to labor force recovery

All employees of USSK will receive vouchers RELAXPASS during August 2004 as a result of agreement reached between social partners. Vouchers are aimed to enable each employee to draw contribution from Social Fund to be spent on work force recovery. Employees will themselves decide on particular use of the vouchers at any facility included in the list regularly published in the daily Ocel Vychodu and available at workplaces of Department Personnel Service and Education. The List will be gradually extended in relation to recommendations of our employees. All USSK employees employed at regular labor contract will receive vouchers worth SKK 450.

Apprentice School of Metallurgy evaluated its cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice positively

Students of Apprentice School of Metallurgy in Kosice-Saca have been enjoying the holiday for a month. The school management have already made summary of objectives and goals arranged at the beginning of academic year. As was told to the daily Ocel vychodu by Deputy Principal Jan Eiben, the Apprentice School Headquarters positively evaluates cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice. Total 203 students worked at various company operations during last year. He as well thanked to all those who had contributed on student's operation practice.

Handball players began their preparation

New season of common Czech - Slovak competition HIL commenced on Monday July 12, 2004 by handball players 1. MHK Kosice. The team sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice will be led in the new season 2004/2005 by new trainer Gabriel Schmiedt who was a playing assistant of trainer Martin Gregor last year.


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