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Highlights of 44/2004

Created: 11/1/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 44/2004

Another investor sets up in the east

The latest investor to set up in Eastern Slovakia - thanks in part to cooperation with U. S. Steel Kosice's Economic Development Center (EDC) and the Slovak Agency for Promotion of Investment and Trade (SARIO) - is the private limited company Mazak Slovakia, s.r.o., which last week officially commenced operations producing alloys on U. S. Steel Kosice works premises.
This plant, the first for parent company Mazak Limited outside of Great Britain, is an important milestone in the course of the firm's efforts to supply top-quality zinc alloys also to customers in East and Central European countries. So far Mazak Slovakia, s.r.o. has created 20 new jobs, but the company's aim is to extend the range of services provided to its customers in Slovakia and around Europe, and this in turn will result in the creation of several more direct as well as indirect employment opportunities.
The principal reason for this is that the starting up of zinc alloy production in Kosice has increased the accessibility of raw materials in this field, thus improving the competitiveness of Slovak die-casting manufacturers and attracting new alloy users to this area, mainly from branches of the automobile industry.

How the President of the USA is elected

In March of this year, on the initiative of the Embassy of the United States of America, an InfoUSA Center was opened at the State Research Library in Kosice, the first of its kind in Slovakia. This Center provides interested visitors with up-to-date information on political, economic and social life in the USA. It has publically-available books, video cassettes, CDs, Internet access, information about universities and different kinds of grants or scholarships, and in addition it organizes various exhibitions and events.
Just recently the InfoUSA Center organized a very topical session named "How the President of the USA is elected". How this actually happens was explained to those attending the event by Vladimir Dancisin, lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the Philosophical Faculty of Presov University. In 2002 he took a course at the Fulbright Summer Institute in the United States, and in his research work he specializes particularly in electoral engineering and the political system in the USA.

Kosice people to see the best films too

For the fourth time now U. S. Steel Kosice has been the general sponsor of the international festival of specialist films, video and TV programs by the name of EKOTOPFILM 2004, which took place in Bratislava's Forum Hotel last week, beginning on Monday, October 24th and ending on Friday, October 29th. Dozens of special guests were invited to the festival's opening ceremony, among them SR Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry Pavol Rusko, the first President of Slovakia Michal Kovac, and various other "personalities from cultural and social life".
Speaking on behalf of the general sponsor of this event, which in its 31-year history has succeeded in achieving world-wide credit, was U. S. Steel Kosice Vice-president Technology Michael Fedorenko. At the grand awards ceremony the Festival organizers presented the seventh in the series of Ekotopfilm Honors, which can be won by important local and international personalities for extraordinary activities in support of permanently sustainable development, important scientific discoveries, or humanistic and cultural activities. Laureate of this year's Honor was Slovak Academy of Sciences Member Juraj Hrasko. Kosice people will also be able to see films from the Festival, when Ekotopfilm 2004 - Kosice takes place in the Tatra cinema on November 9th to 11th next week.


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