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Highlights of 46/2004

Created: 11/15/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 46/2004

Slovakia is condemned to success

Last Friday in Kosice there was another in the series of discussion forums organized by HNClub, devoted this time to regional support in Slovakia and attended by top managers and business people representing various significant Slovakian companies.
U. S. Steel Kosice was represented by President Christopher Navetta, Vice-presidents Anton Jura, Miroslav Kiralvarga, Peter Richardson and Michael A. Fedorenko, GM Regional Development and EDC Director Juraj Augustin, and other top managers. The HNClub guest was SR Minister for Trade and Industry Pavol Rusko, who came to the meeting with good news, announcing that a memorandum has been signed with Yazaki Wiring Technologies Slovakia about investment which will produce 1200 new job opportunities in Stropkov and Michalovce.
He described the signing of this memorandum as the beginning of an investment boom in Eastern Slovakia, because over the course of the next two months the Ministry of Trade and Industry will be announcing two more large investment projects in the east of the country. Rusko expressed his conviction that during the next two years a lot of employment opportunities will be successfully created in Slovakia. "Slovakia is condemned to success," quipped Rusko at the meeting.

Award for the President

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the first children's ward in the East Slovakian region, on Thursday and Friday of last week, November 11th and 12th, a pediatricians' conference was held in Kosice, part of which was a ceremonial academy in the State Theater attended by SR Minister for Health Rudolf Zajac and many personalities from social and economic life.
To mark this occasion the management of the Kosice Children's Hospital decided to present awards to institutions and organizations which have contributed to a high degree to the development of pediatrics. One of these awards was presented by Iveta Marinova for repeated assistance in the development of health care at the Children's Hospital to U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher Navetta.

Open Day at the Technical University

There was great interest among secondary school students from all over the Kosice Region in the Open Day held last Friday, November 12th, at the Technical University, Kosice. They were welcomed in the Aula Maxima by TU Rector Juraj Sinay, who informed them about study opportunities at the Technical University.
Taking as his examples various University graduates who have gone far in their careers - several of whom now work as top managers at the Kosice steelworks themselves - the Rector demonstrated the TU's excellent standard of study and education achieved. The students were also addressed by USSK President Christopher Navetta.

Beauty on the dance floor

Kosice people love movement and dance, as is demonstrated by many overcrowded dance-halls, and this applies to dance floors and spectator galleries alike. This was also the case at the Slovak Championships and Slovakian Cup competition in acrobatic rock'n'roll, which was held last Saturday, November 13th, here in Kosice.
Organizers of this event were the dance club RCC Brilant and the Slovak Union of Acrobatic Rock and Roll, and its principal sponsor was U. S. Steel Kosice. The young dancers were addressed by President Christopher Navetta, who stressed that U. S. Steel Kosice is always glad to support young people in developing their talent. Many of them produced truly perfect dance performances, and would surely do well in the Dance category of the TALENT NIGHT contest.


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