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Highlights of 49/2004

Created: 12/6/2004
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAM Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 49/2004

USSK employees show solidarity

Steelmakers are known for their solidarity, and there can be no doubt either that they have humane feelings. The voluntary collection for the Kosice Emergency and Rescue Service, announced by U. S. Steel Kosice management at the beginning of November this year, appealed to 10 559 employees of USSK, 48 employees of U. S. Steel Services, s.r.o., 130 employees of U. S. Steel Kosice - SBS, s.r.o. and the staff of the Human Resources Manager - Expatriates.
Altogether they have donated a very respectable sum - 918 223 SKK. The proceeds from this collection, together with a special financial gift from U. S. Steel Kosice - a check for one million crowns - will be presented to the Service on Friday, December 10th, during the grand charity concert taking place in Kosice' s State Theater and featuring many famous Slovak and foreign performers. Thanks to the steelmakers' altruism the Kosice paramedics will be getting a new, top-quality ambulance in their vehicle fleet.

Gifts for children's homes

On Monday of this week Phyllis Navetta, wife of the USSK President, visited the children's homes in Stos and Dobsina and gave the children many Christmas gifts. She also presented checks for financial resources intended for the further development of these children's institutions.

Another investor moves east

On December 1st last week the U. S. Steel Kosice Economic Development Center (EDC) announced the arrival of another foreign investor in the East Slovakian region. Following the Belgian company Jonckheere and Mazak of Great Britain, the Danish firm Glunz & Jensen is the third new investor to be presented by the EDC in the course of two months. The company has chosen Presov as its business location, and over the next four years it plans to invest around 800 million Danish crowns (about 100 million euro) in the new plant.
According to the General Manager of Glunz & Jensen Slovensko Hans Olsen, the company looked at several countries with regard to developing its activities. Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary and Slovakia all came into consideration, but the company chose Slovakia for several reasons: after several visits they found that the two cultures are not so distant from each other, and the people here are educated and skilled, so there should be no problem finding suitable employees.
Production costs were also found to be acceptable. Slovakia's location will enable expansion of the firm's market towards the east. Hans Olsen also appreciated the favorable attitude in Slovakia towards foreign investors, and the assistance from the EDC.

Our radiators at the Aqua-therm fair

As in previous years, U. S. Steel Kosice has not neglected the opportunity to present its products on the Czech market in 2004, and the Company recently took part in the 11th international trade fair specializing in central heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, metering, regulating, sanitary and ecological technology AQUA-THERM, which was held in Prague from November 23rd - 27th.

Future steelmakers meet U. S. Steel Kosice managers

After the pupils of the Secondary Vocational School for Metallurgy in Kosice-Saca, on Wednesday of last week, December 1st, there was an opportunity to meet U. S. Steel Kosice management representatives at a session on occupational safety for students of the Secondary Technical School for Metallurgy on Alejova Street in Kosice.


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