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Highlights of 52/2004

Created: 12/27/2004
Author: Compiled by: Jozef MARSALA Magdalena FECURKOVA
Category: 52/2004

Improved productivity, quality and work safety

After completion of rounding apparatus six months ago, Obal-Servis has completed yet another CAPEX project. "Constantly growing customers demand required modernization of our equipment as well as increase of our overall output", said company director Jozef Kunc about their decision to invest SKK 6,6 M.
On December 1, company started sheet stacks packaging using six new hydraulic packaging stands. "Need to modernize was the result of changing product mix - nowadays more and more customers come with packaging requirements", explained director Jozef Kunc. "New packaging equipment utilizing modern technologies allowed us to increase productivity, quality and we have made our employees work easier, since in past all these activities were done manually." Added Karol Pacik, Obal-Servis deputy director for production. Better work safety is another advantage of the new equipment. Safety is a result of new, so called waste-free technology which in turn eliminated hazardous work with steel waste.
In future modern hydraulic stands will also help to substantially reduce consumption of the packaging materials, mostly the steel straps. Waste-free technology means saving 25 tons of steel straps per year which represents nearly SKK 1M for thin packing line alone.


Third fourth annual international expo of mechanical engineering and processing industries, MIDEST 2004 was held in Paris on December 7 - 10, 2004. On the total area of 70,000 square meters 1912 producers from 38 countries presented themselves. Our company U. S. Steel Kosice presented its products on the area of 50 square meters.
"Compared to previous expos this year a lesser interest was noted on part of visitors. This was probably caused by later date of the expo compared to previous years," said Marian Kostac, USSK-France S.A. Executive Director. "Despite of that, out booth was visited, besides our permanent customers such as PIERRE HENRY (EU leader in production of steel furniture, KDI and SOCODA (distributor), by several new companies which contacted out affiliation after the expo and expressing their interest in supply of our products next year (BPB, Frenehard et michaux, Decayeux and others). I have to underline, that USSK has made itself visible on the French market and the days when we were viewed as an exotic supplier belong to history. Proof of that is, according to our customers, is high quality, best delivery/supply terms compared to out competitors. I view our participation in the expo as positive, from company promotional point of view.
According to Peter Marusiak, marketing manager, on French market USSK must wrestle with tough competition. "Despite of tough competition out company position is good and our current customers express satisfaction with our products. Also Central European companies came to the expo, trying to establish themselves on the local markets. Other steel sheet producers, primarily from Western Europe seek new suppliers from new EU member countries - which could strengthen USSK positions in the region."

Working lunch with company President

Last group to meet during working lunch with company President Christopher Navetta consisted of employees from various departments and section of company management and administration. Discussions conducted were focused on work, current situation in the company and on future of Kosice steel mill.


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