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Highlights of 04/2005

Created: 1/24/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 04/2005

Summer internships for university students

Following on from the good experience of previous years, this year will see a continuation in the summer internship project organized by U. S. Steel Kosice. This is intended for students completing the third or fourth year of their university or college course in 2005. The steel company offers them the opportunity to join in its production and management activities, and the chance to gain practical experience, skills and knowledge which can scarcely be acquired in school.

International ecology competition

U. S. Steel Kosice, the Metallurgical Faculty of the Technical University in Kosice, the SR Association of Metallurgy, Mining Industry and Geology, and five other entities from the Czech Republic and Poland are among the organizers of this year's sixth in a series of international ecology competitions, called EKO 2005, whose aim is to limit the damage and destruction being done to the natural environment.
Private individuals and legal entities can enter this competition with technical and rationalizing solutions, inventions and patents for designs completed on paper or implemented in practise during the period from January 1st, 2004 to June 30th, 2005. The organizing teams in all three countries already have their hands full of work at the present time. The competition will be taking place firstly at the level of national rounds, from which the best solutions will go forward to the international round, to be held this year in Poland. The winner will gain the title of International Ecology Champion 2005 and a gold medal from WIPO.
The national jury in Slovakia will be awarding separate prizes to solutions submitted by high school students and those sent in by university students. The winner of the first prize in the national competition will also receive a WIPO certificate.

U. S. Steel Kosice Gallery presents Andrej Ban

The first of this year's events in the U. S. Steel Kosice Gallery is an exhibition of photographs by Andrej Ban. This photographer and journalist, also known to the public as chairman of the humanitarian organization People in Danger, presents photographs from Slovakia, the Balkans, Israel, South America and Iran. Speaking at the official opening of the exhibition last week was former SR Ambassador to the USA and President of the Institute for Public Issues Martin Butora. The exhibition goes on until February 20th, 2005, and the Gallery is open every weekday from 8.30 am to 4 pm.

Ice-hockey tournament in USSK Olympiad

Last week saw tough battles continue in both groups of the USSK Olympiad ice-hockey championships at the Cermel winter stadium ice-rink. In Group A the best performers are the Secondary Metallurgy players, who have seven points to their credit so far and are well on their way to the semi-finals.
Since it is the first two teams in each group that go through to the semi-finals, the Hot Strip Mill players are still in with a chance in Group A. Everything will most likely be decided in the last round itself on Thursday, January 27th, at 8.45 pm in the crucial Hot and Cold Strip Mills derby. In Group B the Management team are most successful, with a full bag of points from the first three rounds. Looking to go through in second spot are the Steel Plant players, who have by far the best active score in the whole competition.
The big match between last year's champions from the Blast Furnaces and the Steel Plant team is also happening this Thursday, starting at 7.15 pm. There will then be an interval in our Olympiad icehockey tournament until Friday, February 4th,, when the first semi-final pair meet at 7 pm, followed by the second semi-final match at 8.45 pm.


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