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Highlights of 05/2005

Created: 1/31/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 05/2005

Gastro-theater now also in Kosice

Gastronomical entertainments, also otherwise known as "showdinners", now rank among the world's more sought-after but by no means everyday events. People in Poprad and Bratislava have already encountered gastro-theater, and Friday of last week saw its premiere in Kosice, at the Old Tobacco Works on Strojarenska Street, thanks also to the cooperation of the U. S. Steel Services company.
A Little Serenade of a menu from the times of world-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was just the first taster, to be followed by other events during the course of this year. The next one, already planned for this month, is to take the theme of Beatlesmania, and the dinner will feature dishes prepared according to the secret recipes of Linda McCartney.

Protected Operations activities

Eighty-two employees today make up the workforce of the Protected Operations unit, which provides useful employment for people with modified working ability or serious health impairments, as well as employees whose health condition during the course of their work in the factory has fallen below that required for the performance of their original jobs in various metallurgical plants, bearing in mind their technological regime and the level of associated risk. During its existence so far the unit has undergone several organizational changes.
The focus of its activities has shifted and their range has expanded, and the number of employees has risen. The average age of the unit's workforce now approaches 48 years. Protected Operations comprises five basic workshops - fitting and turning, clothesmaking, electrical maintenance, paper-sorting from works -wide waste collections and tarpaulin repairing, and the special activities workshop. Present activities are focused on production, servicing and auxiliary work, but all of them are primarily concerned with aspects of waste management in U. S. Steel Kosice. Considering the further expansion of the unit's activities, at present the final approval is expected for another project with ecological focus.

SMD, CSM, BF and Mnt teams are the elite quartet

Last week saw the completion of the first series of tough battles in the two basic groups of ice-hockey teams for the title of U. S. Steel Kosice Champions 2005. The dramatic and very balanced character of the championships so far is demonstrated by the fact that the identity of three of the semi-finalists was only decided in the last round, which took place on Thursday, January 27th.
Firstly the clash between the two B-group favorites from the Blast Furnaces and the Steel Plants decided that the reigning champions, the BFs team, would go through to contest the higher positions, and then in group A the Cold Strip Mill players won their place among the foursome of semi-finalists by out-classing the Hot SM team in the rolling-mills derby match. Earlier on the Secondary Metallurgy Division players had already ensured their progress by winning group A, and since the SPs had lost their match against the BFs, promotion to the semi-finals was granted to the Management players from second spot in group B.
The semi-final matches will be played on Friday of this week (February 4th), when first the SMD team meet the Mnt at 7 pm, and then at 8.45 pm the CSM team take on the BFs. The winners of these semi-final games then go forward to the final, and the losers will play for third place. These closing matches are planned for Tuesday, February 15th, with the 3rd-place match starting at 6.30 pm and the final being played from 8.15 pm. This will be followed by the grand announcement of the tournament results and the presentation of prizes to the best teams, best goal-scorers and best all-round individual players.


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