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Highlights of 12/2005

Created: 3/21/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 12/2005

Specialist conference called Safe Company

On March 16th and 17th the Kyjev Hotel in Bratislava was the venue for a nationwide Slovak conference named Safe Company. Taking part in the discussions were representatives of industrial companies, state authorities and the academic community. U. S. Steel Kosice was represented by Vice-president Human Resources Miroslav Kiralvarga, Occupational Safety Director Milan Ondas, OS Department staff member Martin Harvan and Vice-president Human Resources Head of Staff Robert Meitner.
The main themes of the event were developmental trends in the field of safety and health protection at work, the systemic approach to management of safety and health protection at work, and the proposal of an amendment supplementing the current law on protection of people's health and the latest regulations. The first of the presentations in the section on Experience in applying the Occupational Safety management system was given by Miroslav Kiralvarga, entitled U. S. Steel Kosice - A Safe Company.

New trends in human resources management

Last week the Holiday Inn hotel in Bratislava hosted the eleventh in the series of annual conferences on New Trends in Human Resources Management. This event was attended by the best part of two hundred top managers in the field of human resources from many well-known companies. U. S. Steel Kosice was represented by Vice-president Personnel and Organization Martin Pitorak.
The conference program included the prize-giving ceremony in the competition for the best HR development project, the so-called HR Oscar award. This was the first time that our Company's representatives took part in this competition, and the project named "Application and development of human resources in the process of transformation of purchasing activities at U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o." got through to the final as one of the four best projects. Its presentation was of a very high standard and earned recognition from many colleagues in other firms. It is pleasing to note that this project was the result of team work involving staff members from Purchasing, the Assessment Center and the Human Resources Section.

Who is going to be a star?

"Language School Star" is the name of a new competition to find the best foreign language student and teacher which is being organized this year for the first time by the Language Institute of the Education and Consultancy Center (VaPC, a.s.). This offers the chance for employees of U. S. Steel Kosice and its subsidiary companies who are taking part in language courses at this Institute not only to win one of the attractive and valuable prizes but also to prove to themselves that they are able to "switch on" and do something more for their own specialist development.
The competition will be going on throughout April - but how exactly? Every teacher will select the three best students from his or her course groups, regardless of their language level. They will be assessed on a scale from 1 to 5 by the questionnaire method, and each of the students will assess his or her teacher using the same method. The ten best students and teachers will go through to make up the select group from which the competition judges will pick out the winners. The results will be announced in May.
The official reception including the awards ceremony will be held in the Ferrocentrum Social Center on June 3rd this year. The Language School Star can look forward to a sight-seeing trip to London, the prize for second place is a DVD recorder plus DVD, and third place receives a CD recorder and CD. Students placed from fourth to tenth will each get a top-quality Oxford dictionary.


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