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Highlights of 14/2005

Created: 4/4/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 14/2005

Renewal audit in three Central Maintenance divisions

In the last few days three divisions of Central Maintenance - Mechanika, Elektro and Special Maintenance - have undergone renewal audits for their quality management system (QMS). According to a statement by GM Maintenance Jan Vranec the staff are happy with the results of the audits. All three Central Maintenance divisions prefer a customer-oriented approach to internal customers for operational maintenance services. GM Vranec is sure that the customers assess this approach very positively, and this view is confirmed by the results of the divisions' customer satisfaction inquiries.

Friday is Narcissus Day

It takes many forms and it's not choosy about people. It's not bothered about age, sex or property. But in the majority of cases cancer can be treated if it is caught early on, and with the aim of spreading this knowledge and the mission of directing public attention to the existence of this most insidious disease, on Friday of this week, April 8th, the independent charity association called the League Against Cancer is organizing what is now the ninth edition of the annual Narcissus Day charity collection. Fifty per cent of the proceeds from the collection campaign stays in the region where the money was collected, while the remainder is passed on the central office.
From there the charity then subsidizes projects all over Slovakia, which means in Kosice too. This year's Narcissus Day is characterized by the motto: There's always room for more good people. Around a hundred teams of four volunteers will be present in our city and in the U. S. Steel Kosice Public Area, offering flowers of hope for a symbolic price. If you put one on, you will be helping a good cause. The volunteers will all have a permit with them authorizing them to carry out a public collection. Last year the collection among the steelworkers raised 22 134 Slovak crowns.

Relaxing evenings with English

In addition to its Language School Star competition the Languages Institute of the Education and Consultancy Center (VaPC) has come up with another novelty for those interested in perfecting their English language skills. "We have set up the Fun and Relax with English film club," Ocel Vychodu was told by Languages Institute Manager Lenka Takacova, "which offers the chance to spend a pleasant, relaxing evening with English. Listening to the spoken word in a foreign language is extremely necessary for effective mastery of it.
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm we will be using one of the lecture rooms in the Ferrocentrum Social Club to show original English-language TV series, with one of our English teachers in attendance. Anyone who is interested can simply come to the reception desk. We'll be starting with the popular series Friends, with others planned for later - Joey, Enterprise and Charmed. It goes without saying that there will be the opportunity after each showing to discuss the content of the episodes with the teacher - in English, of course!"

On electronic communication

Electronic communication with the public authorities in Slovakia is a topic which was dealt with recently by the Slovak Association for Electronic Commerce (SAEC) at another in its series of round-table sessions. For the third time the principal sponsor of the conference taking place in the Dalia Hotel was U. S. Steel Kosice, represented by Vice-president Information Technology Peter S. Richardson. A presentation on the internet transfer of sales and financial data to the SR Customs Authority was made at the meeting on behalf of our Company by the head of Customs Services and Transport Documentation Department Marek Handura and the head of Manager Information Systems and Data Storage Department Maria Krupova.


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