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Highlights of 22/2005

Created: 5/30/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 22/2005

David H. Lohr is USSK President

Today, June 1st 2005, David H. Lohr takes over the position of President of U. S. Steel Kosice. As well as managing everyday affairs here at USSK, he will also be responsible for U. S. Steel Serbia. David Lohr was born in Mount Pleasant in the state of Pennsylvania. In 1975 he graduated at the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering. In 1998 he completed the Executive Management Program at Pennsylvania State University.
He began his career with U. S. Steel in 1974 at the National Plant, the former pipe-manufacturing operation in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. He gained experience here in a series of supervisory positions before being made assistant to the Finishing Plant Manager. He was placed in charge of the completion work and start-up of the seamless pipe manufacturing operation in Fairfield, Alabama in 1982, and he became Operations Manager at this plant in 1986.
In 1994 he was promoted to General Manager Pipe Products at the Pittsburgh headquarters of U. S. Steel, and in 1996 he was appointed General Manager at the Mon Valley Works. In 1999 he was again promoted to Vice-president Sheet Products, and he was appointed Vice-president Operations at the works in 2003.

CAES 2005 conference takes place in Kosice

Last week, from May 25th to 28th, the international CAES 2005 conference took place in Kosice. This Computer-Aided Ergonomics, Human Factors and Safety event was organized by the Technical University of Kosice in cooperation with the International Ergonomics Association, and sponsored by U. S. Steel Kosice.
IEA conferences rank among the most important world events in the field of ergonomics (the study of the methodology of organization of work and working resources, aimed at enhancing the system of human-machine interaction), and they are held once every four years. The most recent conference took place in Hawaii in 2001, and now after many years the event has returned to Europe, to Slovakia and to our city to be precise. More than one hundred specialists from the academic and practical fields came to Kosice from 21 countries of the world. The honorary chairman of the conference was Waldemar Karwowski from the USA, one of the world's greatest experts in ergonomics.
U. S. Steel Kosice was represented at this elite scientific forum promoting the latest knowledge in this field by four specialists who made interesting contributions to the content of discussions in different specialist sections.

Soccer becomes Olympic sport at USSK

The Summer Olympiad for U. S. Steel Kosice employees has never witnessed such an early start in all of its 15-year history. May 9th namely saw the beginning of the tournament to find the Champions of U. S. Steel Kosice in soccer, which is included among the Olympic sports at USSK this year for the first time.
The soccer championships opening ceremony itself had all the signs of the Olympiad, with a parade of participating teams with identifying plaques, the lighting of the flame, the Olympic fanfare and official speeches by Vice-president Human Relations Miroslav Kiralvarga and Metalurg Trades Union Council Chairman Mikulas Dula. The Summer Olympiad will be featuring the traditional sports, which are five-a-side soccer, football-tennis, volleyball, skittles, table-tennis, softball, squash, cycling, 10-km run and tennis, but this year's event also includes in-line skating races as well as a chess tournament.


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