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Highlights of 23/2005

Created: 6/6/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 23/2005

The roving camera of Pavol Barabas

An especially interesting and attractive event was organized by U. S. Steel Kosice for Kosice secondary school students on Monday afternoon this week, June 6th, in the old Slovan Cinema. Thanks to the roving camera of Pavol Barabas, world-famous documentary filmmaker and winner of 22 Grand Prix from film festivals worldwide, they had the opportunity to take part in a dynamic illustrated tour round six continents of the world presenting a clear environmental message.
Live discussions with the experienced cameraman and director revealed the background to the individual expeditions, the joy of discovery and moving around in untouched natural surroundings, the feeling of team spirit as well as humility towards the mountains and the jungle, in fact to the environment as a whole

Fun Sports Area for children and youth

At the end of 2004, after all of fifteen years, the children's road traffic playground on Alejova Street in Kosice came back to life. This new center of games, fun and above all learning, which originated thanks to intensive cooperation between U. S. Steel Kosice and the Kosice-South city ward, was the first project within the longer-term plan to use the "forgotten" and disused space within the All-Sports Area to build up a fun sports center for children and youth which would be available for the whole city, because there is very modest provision of such centers in Kosice.
The road traffic playground, reconstructed and equipped with working traffic lights, road signs and road markings, is so far the only one in Kosice, and it has been serving its purpose for several months now. It is being used predominantly by elementary schools for practical lessons in road traffic rules, also involving cooperation with the traffic police.

U. S. Steel Kosice is general sponsor of the Opatovska Rally

Thursday of last week, June 2nd, saw the holding of the eighth in the series of annual Opatovska Rally competitions. Taking part in it were boys and girls from the Special Elementary School, Apprentice School and Commercial Academy on Opatovska Street in Kosice. More than one hour before the start of the event, the pupils together with their principal Maria Bobalova, parents and teachers were waiting for the first "four-wheeled steel stallions" to arrive, looking forward to riding with good-willed people, making new friends, and enjoying the sort of experiences heard of from previous years.
The area outside the school gradually filled up with cars of all different makes. Behind the steering-wheels sat people from the Kosice steelworks, none other than Vice-presidents James F. Connor, Scott Pape and Jeffrey Greenwell, managers Miroslav Madar, Marcel Palai, Jan Baca, Jan Keder, Katarina Fitzova, Marek Handura, Alena Torhanyova, Juraj Bolf and Julius Budi, as well as other well-known personalities from cultural and social life. The rally teams consisted of three children and one driver in each car.
First place was taken once again by last year's winner Julius Budi from the USSK Sales Administration Department with his team of two girls and one boy, and second place was won by another steelman Juraj Bolf with his young team. Third was Vice-president Finance James Connor, fourth spot was taken by the team driven by Alena Torhanyova, also from U. S. Steel Kosice, and fifth by Jozef Juhas and Co. As in previous years the general sponsor of the event was again U. S. Steel Kosice.


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