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Highlights of 31/2005

Created: 8/1/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 31/2005

U. S. Steel Kosice Gallery exhibits employees' photographs

Nearly forty of the best photographs from this year's photo competition for U. S. Steel Kosice employees are on display in the Gallery in the Public Affairs building until August 26th. The official opening of the exhibition, attended by the takers of the most interesting pictures and various fans of good photography, took place last Thursday.
The exhibition was opened by Peter S. Richardson, who has judged the employees' creativity as a member of the jury in all the previous editions of the annual competition. This year it was announced by the Public Affairs Department in early February, and it attracted more than 40 participants. In the three categories People, Slovakia and Sport almost two hundred photographs were entered. The winners were presented with their prizes, and there were special gifts for all those whose pictures caught the jury's eye. In the category People the winner was Ondrej Demek, and Lubos Sova and Vladimir Adamco were the runners-up.
In the category Slovakia first place went to Jan Kisucky, second place to Róbert Gondo and third to Maros Sarvanec. In the category Sport the jury granted just one place of honor, which was awarded to the winner of the Slovakia category Jan Kisucky.

Prof. Hellbrugge's Children's Center is happy with USSK's gift

Prof. Hellbrugge's Children's Center in Kosice, which is located at 18, Obrancov Mieru Street and is an external section of the University Pediatric Hospital in Kosice, has provided comprehensive interdisciplinary care to children with mental, physical, sensory and combined disabilities for the past ten years. It is one of Slovakia's model health-care institutions.
Ensuring the efficient running of the Center increasingly required installation of computer technology, and alternative aids were also needed for the physiotherapeutic exercises, namely wall-bars and so-called fitness balls, which would surely play their part in improving the quality of care for the disabled children. For these reasons the Director of the University Pediatric Hospital in Kosice Iveta Marinova approached U. S. Steel Kosice with a request for assistance. This was not left unanswered. In the last few days the Children's Center became the happy recipients of new health-care aids and two PC systems.
The Center's Head Nurse Viera Sangretova made no secret of her satisfaction with the Kosice steelworks' gifts. She confirmed that the fitness balls and wall-bars would help with the physiotherapy exercises, and emphasized that the computers would be worth their weight in gold, because they would make their work substantially easier in terms of dealing with all the complicated health system paperwork, including providing data for the health insurance companies.

We thank you...

Letters full of gratitude for assistance and support received have been delivered to U. S. Steel Kosice in recent days. "I want to thank you most sincerely for the moral support and valuable prizes which U. S. Steel Kosice provided for the winners of the 9th edition of the annual International Piano Competition Kosice 2005 for children under fifteen," wrote Magdalena Rokicka in one of them, a teacher at the Maria Hemerkova Elementary Art School in Kosice.
There were also words of appreciation addressed to the steel company for the provision of material assistance in the reconstruction of the access road to the archeological sites in the area of Nižna Mysla by village council leader Jozef Vereb. "By rebuilding the road we have improved the quality of access to the archeological sites, to the fresh water spring at Koscelek, and to a tourist site which is frequently visited by our own residents, as well as by visitors from the wider surroundings and even tourists from abroad," he explained.


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