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Highlights of 45/2005

Created: 11/7/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 45/2005

Professionals work safely

The USSK project called "Professionals work safely", which takes a preventive approach towards educating young people in the ways of safety generally, has already met with a great response in many secondary schools. This is witnessed by the dozens of articles and photographs sent in to the accompanying competition.
On Monday of this week there was a meeting for secondary school students with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr at the Secondary Technical School for Metallurgy on Alejova Street in Kosice, where the President thanked them for their activity, but also encouraged them to send in even more articles and photos. The producers of the best contributions in writing and pictures from the first round of the competition were then presented with some valuable prizes. Also at this meeting the President symbolically switched on the new lighting system in the school's gym, making good his promise from the first meeting here that U. S. Steel Kosice would carry out the replacement of the old lighting.

The Wishing Trees

The help for abandoned children in children's homes and crisis centers on the part of U. S. Steel Kosice has not ended with the recently-arranged collection of clothes, toys and books. Ocel Vychodu has heard from Susan Lohr that further assistance for the children is coming in the form of a new project called The Wishing Trees.
These are Christmas trees which are going to be set up from November 21st onwards at various locations around the steelworks, decorated with cards featuring specific wishes and names of children's homes. Everyone who would like to help abandoned children in this way will be able to take one, two or maybe more cards from these Wishing Trees, make up suitable parcels and thus fulfill some of the express wishes coming from a particular children's home. These parcels should then be brought to thre collection points (to be announced) by December 2nd 2005.

Teamwork brings success

An extraordinarily important capital investment project was recently completed by U. S. Steel Kosice subsidiary Obal-Servis, a.s. On Tuesday of last week, November 1st 2005, the Packaging Branch at the Coated Products Division brought into use a new method of packaging stacks of tin-plated sheets, which will result in millions of crowns worth of savings every year. This new, more efficient and economical packaging method is the product of specialist teamwork involving the Customer Technical Services Department, Shipment Division, and the packaging technicians of U. S. Steel Kosice and Obal-Servis, a.s.
On Friday afternoon, November 4th, the new plastic wrapping line at the Packaging Branch was visited by U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr accompanied by Vice-prersident Strategic Implementation Anton Jura, General Manager Financial Investment Stanislav Barica and Obal-Servis CEO Jozef Kunc. The President was interested in the advantages of the new sheet packaging system, but also in the implications of the equipment for occupational safety. He also noticed the cooperation of all members of the line-operating team, from the wrappers and tiers to the crane-operators who transfer the packaged sheets to the warehouse stacking point.


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