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Highlights of 49/2005

Created: 12/5/2005
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 49/2005

We have collected 1 264 824 crowns

U. S. Steel Kosice employees have once again pulled off an impressive feat. The voluntary collection for the East Slovakian Oncological Institute in Kosice, announced by USSK management at the beginning of November, appealed all in all to the best part of 12 000 steelmakers, and there were also generous donations from more than a thousand employees of the subsidiaries Energoservis, Vulkmont, Labortest, SBS, Services, Reliningserv and Refrako.
The sum collected towards the purchase of an automatic block cutter - an instrument which prevents damage to healthy tissue during the radiation procedure for treating malignant tumors - comes to 1 264 824 SKK. The proceeds from the collection, augmented with a special financial gift of an identical amount from the company U. S. Steel Kosice, producing a grand total of 2 529 648 SKK, will be presented to representatives of the East Slovakian Oncological Institute in Kosice this very Friday, December 9th, during the "Bountiful Snowflakes" Christmas charity concert in Kosice State Theater.

Awards in Tale for best corporate newspapers in Slovakia

First place in the competition for the Best Corporate Newspaper Award, announced by the Podbrezova Steelworks to mark the 60th year of uninterrupted publication of Slovakia's first corporate newspaper, named Podbrezovan, was won again by U. S. Steel Kosice's company newspaper Ocel Vychodu. Second place went to the newspaper of the Matador Puchov corporation, and third place was taken by the company Chemosvit in Svit.
Presentation of the awards took place in the Golf Hotel at Tale on Friday, December 2nd, attended by Podbrezova Steelworks Personnel Director Marian Zima, the members of the competition jury and other guests. The corporate newspapers were appraised by well-known specialists from the Department of Journalism at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava Andrej Tuser, Jozef Vatral, Jozef Sand and Samuel Brecka. The awards also included cash prizes, and Ocel Vychodu's prize for first place in the competition was immediately donated to the Podbrezova Steelworks Foundation.

Another meeting with the President

Twelve selected employees from the Repairs and Services divisions who achieve outstanding results in their specialized work accepted the invitation from U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr to a joint lunch on Wednesday of last week, November 30th 2005. Joining the maintenance men at the grandly-laid table were Vice-president Operations Scott C. Pape, Vice-president Employee Relations and Motivation Martin Pitorak and General Manager Maintenance Jan Vranec.

Discussions on the social system

On Wednesday of last week, November 30th, delegates of the member companies of the Employers' Federation of the Republic and of the trades union organizations representing their employees met at Mala Lucivna to find out more about the concept of the so-called contributions bonus, the brainchild of Richard Sulik, author of the book "Redistribution Contributions and the Contributions Bonus" and co-crafter of the Slovak Republic's tax reforms. The proposal was introduced by Employers' Federation President Anton Jura.

Kosice Christmas 2005

At 5pm this Monday, December 5th, the Main Street in Kosice was the setting for the offical opening of this year's Kosice Christmas. The traditional Mayor's Punch was served by Kosice City Mayor Zdenko Trebula and U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr, and the proceeds from the sales are being donated to charity. The Kosice Christmas festivities include a great many cultural and social events.


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