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Highlights of 02/2006

Created: 1/16/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 02/2006

U. S. Steel Kosice at trade fairs and exhibitions in 2006

The U. S. Steel Kosice trade mark will be appearing this year at fifteen international trade fairs and exhibitions being organized in Slovakia and around Europe. The first exhibition is ROMTHERM in Romania in late March, and the Company will be presenting its radiator production range in Bucurest.
April sees a total of three events: RACIOENERGIA in Bratislava, CONSTRUMA in Budapest and TUBE in Düsseldorf, where we will be showing radiators, demetallized slag and pipes respectively. But as for the number of events, then May is the most plentiful month, with five exhibitions and fairs taking place. The first is FOR ARCH in Banska Bystrica, where visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the secondary products made at the Kosice steelworks. We will also be present at the SAJAM TECHNIKE fair in Belgrade, Serbia, where we will be exhibiting flat rolled products, pipes and radiators. The same product range will be on show at the INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING FAIR in Nitra. Then there is our regular participation in the AQUA-THERM fair in Kiev, Ukraine, where we focus on radiators. Our last presentation in May will be at the CWIEME fair in Berlin, Germany, which is an exhibition concentrating on sheets for the electrical industry.
The tenth exhibition before the summer break is the MTP fair in Poznan, Poland in June, where the Kosice works again presents flat rolled products, pipes and radiators. This classic range will be prepared again for the visitors to the four autumn exhibitions: JZV in Zagreb, Croatia and MSV in Brno, Czech Republic in September, EUROBLECH in Hannover, Germany in October, and TECH-EXPO back here in Kosice in November. The last of this year's exhibitions is AQUA-THERM in Prague from 21st-25th November, where we will be presenting our steel panel radiators.

Olympian ice-hockey tournament starts for the USSK Championship

This Monday, January 9th, saw the initial games Cokery vs. Hot Strip Mill and Blast Furnaces vs. Cold Strip Mill/Coated Products divisions, starting off the U. S. Steel Kosice ice-hockey championships for the year 2006. A total of ten teams divided by draw into two groups will be competing on the ice of the Cermel stadium until February 13th for the title of works as well as Olympian champions.
These championships are the first competition in the grand 10th edition of the annual U. S. Steel Kosice Winter Olympiad. Last year's first place will be defended by the Management team, drawn in the first group, where their opponents are the Metallurgical Secondary Products, Hot Strip Mill, Transport and Cokery divisions. Meeting each other in the second group are the Blast Furnaces, Cold Strip Mill, Steel Plant, Power Engineering and Maintenance divisions.
Playing days for the first round games are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays through January, then the quarter-finals will be played on Thursday and Friday, February 2nd and 3rd, the semi-finals on Tuesday, February 7th, and the games for the first three places in the final ranking, that is the game for 3rd place and the final match, are scheduled for Monday, February 13th 2006.

Managers' indoor soccer tournament

Last Saturday was dedicated to indoor soccer. On that day the Managers' Indoor Soccer Tournament was held in the Handball Hall for the U. S. Steel Kosice President's Cup. Five teams competed for this precious trophy, consisting apart from last year's tournament winners, the Strip Mills team, of the teams from Management, Primary Operations, Maintenance and Production Support/Metallurgical Secondary Products divisions.
The playing system was "everyone plays each other", 15 minutes each way, and in the course of the tournament nine wins were recorded, with just one game ending in a draw. The best performance this year came from the players of the Production Support/Metallurgical Secondary Products team, who remained unvanquished and lost only a single point for drawing with Primary Operations. They thus deservedly gained first place overall and won the precious trophy.
Ladislav Pavur was declared the best goal-keeper and Radomir Fedor the best player, both of them from the winning PS/MSP team. The best goal-scorer was Marek Devald, who marked up seven goals at the expense of the opposing goal-keepers.


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