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Highlights of 11/2006

Created: 3/20/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 11/2006

Costs-saving meeting yesterday

Yesterday afternoon, March 14th, the Ferrocentrum Social Club was the venue for the Costs-saving Planning Meeting for 2006, which included final assessment of last year's objectives in this field and appraisal of the best costs-saving teams and projects.

Invitation to the Steel Arena

"The interval between the quarter- and semi-final matches in the ice-hockey Extra League is being fully used by the players in the Cassovia Stars leisure team, made up of our sales staff and managers of U. S. Steel Kosice. At 5pm on Thursday, March 23rd, they will be playing a hockey match against the team of Czech customers and sales staff who call themselves Bohemia Steelers.
This will be their fifth encounter together, but for the first time on the ice of the new Steel Arena. Their match record so far is particularly balanced, as the home team have enjoyed victory twice with scores of 2:1 and 6:0, and the guests have also been successful twice, winning 6:3 and 4:0 in their second and third games. Both team managers, Miroslav Madar of Cassovia Stars and Peter Uhrik of Bohemia Steelers, have nominated the tried and tested players of recent years for this fifth match. They both let slip to Ocel Vychodu, though, that they have a few "jokers" up their sleeves in their teams. In previous games we have seen former national squad players on the ice again, such as goalman Jiri Kralik, Jaromir Dragan, Juraj Bakos, Jan Faith, Jiri Hajek and Vlastimil Horak, and the current President of HC Kosice Lubomir Veme has also appeared as a guest player.
The core of the home team Cassovia Stars this year is made up of several players from the two-times U. S. Steel Kosice champions Management team, including Vice-presidents Jura, Kiralvarga and Pepperney, and several other American managers. Come to this prestige ice-hockey match between our sales staff and our Czech customers. All U. S. Steel Kosice employees are invited to come with their families to cheer on our team. The main thing is that there is free entry to the Steel Arena for this match, which is a good opportunity especially for those hockey fans who have not yet managed to see a game in the new stadium.

No missing the packers from now on!

Reducing the potential for occurrence of accidents and elimination of the sort of small injuries that have been registered in the past by USSK subsidiary OBAL-SERVIS a.s. Kosice, have been subjects of concentrated attention for the firm's management for several months now. The result of this attention is a new design of working clothes which meet even the strictest safety criteria. The packers started wearing them at the end of January this year. They are stronger, made of better-quality material, and they have winter and summer versions. The classical green has been replaced with blue color, and the gloves, shoulders and trouser leg bottoms light up with contrasting fluorescent stripes.

Soccer team returns with trophy

Bochnia in Poland was the venue last weekend for the 9th edition of the annual international indoor soccer tournament for the Stalprodukt S.A. President's Cup. Nine teams started the tournament in three groups, with three foreign teams including ours from U. S. Steel Kosice, who played outstandingly and reached the final, where they played the home team from Stalprodukt. The fight for first place clearly went our way, and after two goals by Duhan and one by Tobak we won 3:0 and took the valuable trophy. Playing their part in the U. S. Steel Kosice colors' success were goalkeepers Svec and Pavur, players Duhan, Szabó, Matulaj, Frascarelli, Babincak, Tobak, Nagy, Kolesar and Gulis, and trainer Sadovsky.


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