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Highlights of 15/2006

Created: 4/17/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 15/2006

How Strip Mill employees live and work

Ten employees of the Cold Strip Mill had the chance last week, thanks to their exemplary working results, to take part in a meeting with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr. The working lunch, which was also attended by Vice-president Operations Scott C. Pape, GM Strip Mills Lawrence P. Welsh and GM Safety Karl G. Kocsic, took place on Tuesday, April 4th. It became clear that the Strip Mill employees have many and various hobbies and pastimes.
In their free time they go in for sport - cycling, skiing and swimming - then model-making and various kinds of do-it-yourself work at home, but they also enjoy music, gardening and mushrooming, and there are recreational anglers among them with some respectable catches to their credit. The lunchtime conversation mainly concerned work, however, and the President was interested to hear about the changes people have seen in the Company during their many years of experience at work, as well as issues of occupational safety and product quality.

Mikulas Dula is TU Council Chairman again

Following elections in the grassroots organizations represented in the Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Trades Union Council, on Thursday, April 6th 2006, the elections for the post of Council Chairman took place. There were two candidates standing: the incumbent trades union leader Mikulas Dula, and Metalurg U. S. Steel Kosice Cold Strip Mill Chapter Chairman Juraj Antalik. All thirteen Council members took part in the voting, and in the secret ballot they re-elected Mikulas Dula as Chairman.

Career Day at the Technical University in Kosice

Yesterday, April 11th, the Technical University in Kosice was the venue for the second in a new series of annual Career Days, a project sponsored by the European Social Fund. In addition to company presentations in six sections - electronics and information technology; engineering; metallurgy; mining, ecology, management and geotechnology; economic sciences; and construction engineering and architecture - the event also included an employment fair. In the vestibule of the Aula Maxima, companies and other institutions had the chance to present themselves to fourth and fifth-year students who are looking for specific jobs, and to conduct individual interviews with them. The event of course also involved representatives of U. S. Steel Kosice.

Steelworkers donate more than 58 000 SKK

For the tenth time now, April 7th, which this year fell on Friday of last week, passed off in Slovakia in the spirit of the fight against cancer. Daffodil Day, the project whose aim is spread solidarity, understanding and people's willingness to help each other, has seen its first round-figure anniversary. As is now the tradition, the voluntary collection, whose proceeds go towards promoting public-benefit activities in the field of cancer prevention, treatment and research, as well as providing specific assistance to oncology patients in all regions of Slovakia, was supported by the employees of U. S. Steel Kosice. Last year in Kosice during Daffodil Day a total of 607 000 SKK was collected, and this year it rose to 763 000 SKK. Steelmakers contributed to this common "pot" with the sum of 58 103 SKK.

Handballers fight through to the semifinals

The Kosice handball team finished the basic part of the Extra League in third place, and in accordance with the play-off system for the next stage of the competition, in the quarter-finals they met with team in sixth place in the table, HC THP Topvar Topolcany. They needed just two matches to get through to the next round, winning first in Topolcany 28:26 and then at home 35:29. In this way they ensured their place among the four best teams in the country, and in the semi-finals they will be coming up against the squad of MSK Považska Bystrica.


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