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Highlights of 18/2006

Created: 5/8/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 18/2006

Ocel Vychodu is the best corporate newspaper in Slovakia

Last Tuesday evening, April 25th 2006, the Hall of Mirrors in the Primatial Palace in Bratislava was the venue for the awards ceremony of the third edition of the annual competition named Corporate Medium of the Year 2005. This competition is organized by the Corporate Media Club under the expert patronage of the Faculty of Mass-media Communication at the University of Saints Cyril and Method in Trnava and under the aegis of the SR Ministry for Trade and Industry.
The third edition attracted entries from 61 editorial and production teams throughout Slovakia, competing in eight categories. The judging criteria were not only content, language standard and graphic design, but also typography, work with photographs, and illustrations. First place in the Corporate Newspaper category was won by our USSK weekly paper Ocel Vychodu, and the competition organizers awarded another first prize to USSK's company calendar entitled Painters' Plein-air, created by Ocel Vychodu team member Jana Slosarova at the USSK Public Affairs Department. The winning newspaper Ocel Vychodu and calendar Painters' Plein-air have gained the entitlement to use the certificate, logo and title of Corporate Medium of the Year.

Kosice City Day

This Monday, May 1st, saw the official beginning of the Kosice City Day celebrations, with a great many interesting events prepared for the people of Kosice. The children's railway at Cermel is celebrating its golden jubilee after half a century of running, and at 9am on May 1st the first train started off this year's season. U. S. Steel Kosice is supporting its operation this year with 400 000 SKK.
The City Zoo at Kavecany also opened its new season at 11am with the judging of their quiz competition for individuals and elementary schools called "Know Your Zoo". Prizes were presented to the winners by USSK Vice-president Martin Pitorak. The celebrations culminate this coming Sunday with the announcement of the most successful sportspeople and teams in the city, presentation of the Kosice City Awards and Mayor of Kosice's Awards, and the concluding concert by the Immaculata monument.

Fire-fighters to celebrate

The fire-fighters of U. S. Steel Kosice are commemorating the 45th anniversary of the establishment of their unit on Friday of this week, May 5th 2006. The celebrations will be starting with a performance by the fire-fighter's brass band and a troupe of majorettes beside the fountain in the Public Access Area. The morning continues with an official session in the lecture-hall in the head-office building, involving a presentation of the fire-fighting unit's history and an account of the responsibilities of industrial plant fire-fighters in the process of carrying out fire-prevention activities and protection of personnel in emergencies, but also a discussion of the specifics of safety and fire-prevention within U. S. Steel Kosice.
The session will end with the presentation of awards to the most active employees of USSK's Works Fire-fighting Unit. The next part of the celebrations comes shortly before midday on Friday in the form of a fire-alarm drill in the head-office building involving evacuation of staff and rescue of people from the roof of the building, as well as a demonstration of fire-fighting equipment and technology. At the unit's headquarters in the afternoon there will be a presentation of new products by suppliers of fire-fighting technology and personal protective equipment.

Spring Music Festival opening concert tomorrow

The Concert Hall of the House of Art is the venue tomorrow evening (May 4th) for the opening concert of the 51st Kosice Spring Music Festival. The evening will reflect the spirit of the Year of Slovak Music.

USSK soccer chanpionships

Next Tuesday, May 9th, sees the beginning at the Technical University Stadium of this year's U. S. Steel Kosice soccer championships.


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