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Highlights of 19/2006

Created: 5/15/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 19/2006

Meetings with employees

Tuesday, May 9th, saw the start of this year's meetings of employees with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr and Company top managers, which will be continuing until this Friday, May 12th. The principal themes of these meetings are occupational safety, the situation on the steel market, product quality and the Company's capital investment plans.

Hutnictvo zeleza, a.s. Supervisory Board session in Kosice

Kosice is the venue on May 10th and 11th this year for the 61st session of the Supervisory Board of Hutnictvo zeleza, a.s. (Metallurgy of Iron Corporation), the only specialist association bringing together steel-making companies and firms whose activities are directly connected with steel-making in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Hutnictvo zeleza was founded in 1992 by representatives of twenty companies involved in manufacturing, sales and research in the field of steel production. At that time one of the founding members was the company Ocel VSZ, s.r.o., and after the Kosice steelworks was taken over by U. S. Steel, then U. S. Steel Kosice also became a member.
The association focuses on presenting and supporting its members' interests, functioning as a platform for information exchange between members, and providing information from the steel-making industry to customers, institutions and state authorities, as well as acting as intermediary in contacts with foreign associations and chambers. The members of the Supervisory Board of Hutnictvo zeleza, whose chairman is Jiri Ciencala, CEO and Executive Board Chairman of Trinec Steel Corporation, are meeting this afternoon with U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr. Tomorrow the guests will be visiting several of the Company's plants, and then holding the official Board discussion session. They will be focusing primarily on restructuring in the steel industry, commercial relations, technological activities and ecology.

Minister Miklos at USSK

"I am constantly watching the situation here, and today I have been most impressed by the figures which I last heard as being planned, connected with reduction of emissions of solid pollutants, and which today are reality. It's stunning," said SR Environment Minister Laszlo Miklos on Thursday of last week, May 4th 2006, during his working visit to U. S. Steel Kosice, after llooking round the slag heap annd waste water treatment plant at Sokolany.

Firefighters celebrate 45th anniversary

Last Friday, May 5th, started with an official meeting followed by a simulated rescue operation at the head office building in the USSK Public Access Area and a demonstration of fire-fighting technology, which were all part of the celebrations by the USSK Works Fire-fighting Unit of the 45th anniversary of its establishment. To mark the occasion, the Company management sent a letter of thanks rewarding the most active team members of the works fire brigade.

Language School Star II

Following last year's sucessful premiere of its competition to find the best foreign language student, the education and consultancy center VaPC, a.s., whose English language courses are attended by a large number of U. S. Steel Kosice employees, has decided to organize a second edition this year, and has announced a new competition Languague School Star II. This can be entered by all employees of our partner companies who attend English courses at VaPC, but also by students of selected universities. This time the competitors' principal task will be to write an essay in English with a maximum length of three A4 pages, which must be submitted before the deadline of May 31st 2006. The most successful essays will be pronounced by the expert jury, and the results will be known by June 5th at the latest. The winners will be invited to a grand gala evening for the presentation of their awards which will be taking place at the Hradna Brana (Castle Gate) Hotel in Bratislava-Devin on June 9th 2006.


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