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Highlights of 25/2006

Created: 6/26/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 25/2006

Your chance to play!

On Sunday, May 28th 2006, at its International Children's Day celebrations, U. S. Steel Kosice declared its new program of support for young ice-hockey players. On Sunday, June 18th, at the U. S. Steel Street Basket event at the Kosice Steel Arena, USSK President David H. Lohr announced that the Company is widening the scope of the support program to include young girl basketball players, and that the support will be implemented in cooperation with their basketball clubs.
USSK is using its youth support program in this way to provide equal opportunities for developing their talents not only to gifted boy ice-hockey players but also to girl basketball players from socially-disadvantaged families who have not been able to develop themselves for the simple reason that the expense involved in financing their sports activities is too much for their families to afford. This means that USSK is giving an equal chance to all talents, regardless of their social background, and one of the specific manifestations of the Company's activity in this area is the young athletes support program involving young ice-hockey and basketball players.

New eye-defenders

In connection with the expiry of validity of the contract with the vendor company for eye-defenders to U. S. Steel Kosice, the office of GM Purchasing has invited tenders in order to select a new supplier of this kind of personal protective working equipment. In cooperation with the office of GM Safety, new criteria have been set up for protective, functional and qualitative characteristics in order to fulfill the requirements of the U. S. Steel Corporation, as well as the demands of the production operations in particular divisions and plants. The new eye-defenders will fulfill the requirements of increased heat resistance and electrical conductivity, they feature the latest safety trends (new material for lenses and frames), they are lighter, and a greater range of frames is available. There will also be a change in the way people's sight is tested.

Balloon with USS logo is first to start

At 6 o'clock last Wednesday evening everything looked well and truly hopeless in Liberators' Square in Kosice. The sky was overcast, and the prospects for rain were anything but good. But then around 7pm it all miraculously cleared up, and although a moderate wind kept blowing, the participants in the 13th edition of the annual International Balloon Fiesta known as the U. S. Steel Balloon Cup Kosice were able to start inflating their balloons. The Fiesta continued early Thursday morning, and around 7am the people of Kosice could marvel at a sun-drenched sky strewn with brightly-colored balloons. The same day the ballooners had their own fox-hunt competition, and the USSK President's Cup and a magnum of champagne were won by Jaroslav Burdych. He had previously given a ride to Vice-president Armstrong in his balloon on Wednesday, and by coincidence it was precisely from the latter's hands that Burdych received his prizes.

Trophy goes to the top seed

Last week it was really busy on the courts at the Anicka Tennis Center in Kosice. What was going on there was namely the 4th edition of the annual Steelers Cup Challenger Tennis Tournament with sponsorship worth 25 000 USD, of which U. S. Steel Kosice has been general sponsor for the past four years. For the first time in the history of the Steelers Cup it happened that the valuable trophy was won by the highest-seeded player wearing nnumber one. This was the Frenchman Nicolas Devilder, whose game had a rising tendency. In the doubles final the Slovak pair Capkovic and Lacko came up against the Slovak/Czech pair Bruthans and Snobel. After a tough fight the victory was ultimately clinched by Bruthans and Snobel in three sets, 7:5, 5:7 and 10:4.


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