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Highlights of 26/2006

Created: 7/3/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 26/2006

U. S. Steel Kosice welcomes top representatives from Pittsburgh

Early last Friday morning the Kosice steelworks welcomed some very special visitors. The progress being made in the realization of the most crucial capital investment projects was the focus of attention of the top representatives of the U. S. Steel Corporation - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John P. Surma, Chief Operating Officer John H. Goodish, Executive Vice-president and Chief Financial Officer Gretchen R. Haggerty, Senior Vice-president Strategic Planning & Business Development John Connelly, Vice-chairman and Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Secretary Dan D. Sandman and Senior Vice-president Human Resources and Business Services Thomas W. Sterling.

Accompanied by USSK President David H. Lohr, Vice-president Operations Richard E. Veitch and Vice-president Technology Jeff V. Greenwell, the guests first visited the Cokery Division research laboratory, where GM Research and Development Frederick J. Mannion and Division Manager Process Technology Mark Atkinson presented a simulation of coke production in laboratory conditions using pilot research equipment - a coking oven with a moving wall. Coke made in this oven type is tested for its characteristics, but in any case the most important feature of this pilot oven is to ensure supply of coal-based charges for use within USSK which will be safe as well as not damaging the coking batteries in operation with high pressure on the walls.

The Coal and Coke Laboratorium, which in February began daily testing of coal and coke characteristics for the Cokery Division, is going to provide global services for the whole United Statues Steel Corporation.

GM Project Engineering activities Michael L. Terry and Project Manager Anna Miklosikova informed the Corporation representatives about the building of the no. 9 air separator for making oxygen, nitrogen and argon, situated in a place where until just recently there was simply a scrap heap. They also visited the control room where the production of these components will be controlled and managed. In fact it was already busy in the conrol room, because work was proceeding with the running-in of the equipment. The guests from Pittsburgh then visited the Corporation's largest investment project for this year - the construction of hot-dip galvanizing line no.3, which is due to start producing sheets for the automobile industry as early as the beginning of next year. By coincidence, this visit took place exactly one year after the official ground-breaking and foundation stone-laying ceremony for the building housing HDG line no. 3.

After their works tour the guests from Pittsburgh went to the lecture hall in the main office building in the public-access area to meet the Vice-presidents, General Managers and other USSK employees. Chairman and CEO John Surma and the other guests were informed of the Kosice steelworks' results by USSK President David H. Lohr. Then it was John Surma's turn to speak. He thanked all the management and workforce for their excellent results. The Corporation management, he said, appreciates the progress which USSK has achieved. Great advances can be seen in the area of occupational safety. He stressed that a zero injury rate is achievable, and that it is necessary to be persistent in moving on towards its achievement. Evident progress has also been made in the environmental field, where several important investment projects have been implemented. The environment is going to continue, together with occupational safety, to rank among the Corporation's main priorities. Another vital goal is constant increase in product quality, so as to be among the best quality.

John Surma went on to say that on each of his visits he observes a great step forward at the Kosice steelworks, and that the Corporation management is very happy with its results. It is clear to see that USSK is run by good-quality managers, and that highly-qualified employees work here. Kosice and Slovakia as a whole are areas which are very suitable for investment, and they have a good reputation among American investors. He also assessed the situation on the world steel markets, which are being markedly influenced by China.

"Pass on to the employees of U. S. Steel Kosice," John Surma called on the managers, "my gratitude for their work, and the satisfaction of the Corporation management with their reults. Tell them to keep on working safely, so that they can go on being successful."

At the end of the meeting, John Surma and David H. Lohr answered questions from the USSK managers.


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