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Highlights of 28/2006

Created: 7/17/2006
Author: Compiled by: Andy BILLINGHAMKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 28/2006

Center of Excellence for electro-steels commences activity

In September 2004 USSK GM Research and Development Frederick J. Mannion introduced the idea of Centers of Excellence (CoE) as a global model of R & D. The essence of the practice of each CoE stems from the idea that activities concerning development of processes and products are controlled by the relevant CoE, which is responsible for the plans for production plants and commercial projects on a global scale.
The object of this is to avoid duplication of efforts, by making each Center exclusively responsible for an identified field in which it can provide services to the whole Corporation. Based on their assessment of various aspects of establishing CoE, top management decided that for the range of cold-rolled coated products with higher added value, a CoE for electro-steels should be set up in Kosice to provide services primarily to production, quality and end-user customers. As far as technical facilities are concerned, the CoE for electro-steels has at its disposal the most modern equipment presently available on the market. The creation of the Center of Excellence for electro-steels represents the largest capital investment project in R & D during the last 15 years.

USSK at the Poznan Fair

This year U. S. Steel Kosice was again present at the international metallurgy, engineering and technology fair METALFORUM 2006, which took place from June 19th to 22nd in Poznan, Poland. The steel company's stand was also used by heat-resistant materials manufacturer Refrako. This year's fair saw the participation of approximately 1200 exhibitors from 29 countries around the world. Sales staff were involved in a series of negotiations with potential customers and business partners.

Dreams and Teams

Together with their victory in the regional round of the "Treasures of my Region" competition, the Alejova Street Grammar School in Kosice received an interesting offer from the British Council, which is the opportunity to join in the international project named Dreams and Teams. This project aims to develop the organizational, managerial and leadership skills and capabilities of young people, and to build up their civic and international awareness through the medium of sport and international educative contacts.
In Slovakia this project, which teaches team cooperation, fair play and mutual respect, now involves four schools, including the Alejova Street School. The 15-member group of young people from this school initially organized their own sports festival for their first and second-year co-pupils. It was successful, which motivated them to perform better, and they have got better from festival to festival. At the end of last month they organized another two events, this time for the children of the Special Elementary School on Rovnikova Street in Kosice and the Sanatorium School in Barca. For the autumn the grammar school students are already planning some more events, one of which should be a joint sports festival with their partner school Ashington Sports College in Great Britain.


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