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Highlights of 29/2006

Created: 7/24/2006
Author: Compiled by: Tim MARTINKamila DEMKOVA
Category: 29/2006

BSC Global Value Plus Award

Our global management BSC has approved a new program, one proposed for the purpose of awarding employees of BSC from around the world for their excellent contributions to U. S. Steel. The program is entitled the BSC Global "Value Plus" Award and shall shed light upon those of us who have striven and made efforts to add value to the excellent operating results, competitiveness and production quality within our corporation.
Up to and including the day of July 16th 2006 any employee of USS may nominate a BSC employee for the award which is presented quarterly. All employees of USS BSC working full time in North America, R and THP category in Europe and all employees working on a full or part time basis, as well as all students on work term currently working for BSC are qualified to take part in the nominations. Award nominations may be done at any time during the year by formulary, accessible at all internet web home pages of BSC North America and BSC Europe. Every Thursday (during September, December, March and June) all nominated from the previous three months will be evaluated and award candidates shall be selected. A current selection of those to be awarded shall be carried out by the management of BSC, comprised of the vice-president of BSC, four general managers of BSC from North America, the vice-president of BSC for Europe, and three general managers of BSC from Europe.
The winners shall be chosen on the basis of their demonstrated contributions for the global ability of BSC to create added value for USS. For the Value Plus Award there shall be selected only individuals, not groups or teams. Based upon the evaluation of BSC management, winners will be chosen for the given Thursday. Each summer the annual Value Plus Award shall be awarded to the individual who upon evaluation was seen to have contributed to the greatest degree toward the ability of BSC to add value. This annual victor will be selected among all quarterly winners from the previous four quarters. The award shall be presented at the annual BSC strategic meeting.

Steel workers at lunch with the president

The president of U. S. Steel Kosice David H. Lohr met Wednesday at a working lunch with selected employees from the Steel-works division plant. The president discussed along with the guests work safety, the activities of USSK concerning the environment, production, quality, as well as favorite pastimes.

General manager for purchasing Deborah Ann Grabe banks on teamwork

At the end of June Deborah Ann Grabe was named as general manager for purchasing at U. S. Steel Kosice. Before coming to Kosice she was the manager for strategic raw materials in the USS Corporation. She has been employed within the corporation for eighteen years, holding various positions in production, the purchase of strategic raw materials and at the pipe making plant, at the headquarters in Pittsburgh, in Lorian Ohio, and in Mont Valley. Deborah A. Grabe gave Ocel Vychodu a short interview. In her current position as general manager she considers her main priority to be supporting those who work under her, as work itself is about support and the culture, the people with which she will cooperate in Kosice. She wants to utilize all the benefits of teamwork to meet every challenge encountered in purchasing.


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