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Highlights of 30/2006

Created: 7/31/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Tim MARTIN, Iveta FIALOVA
Category: 30/2006

U. S. Steel Corporation reports 2Q results

United States Steel Corporation reported second quarter 2006 net income of $404 million compared to second quarter 2005 net income of $249 million. Commenting on results, U. S. Steel Chairman and CEO John P. Surma said: "Solid demand in our key end markets, outstanding operating performance, strong shipments and firming prices, particularly in spot markets, resulted in an excellent second quarter with earnings significantly higher than both the previous quarter and the same quarter last year. We operated at high rates of production capability in the U. S. and Europe, reflecting an outstanding performance by our people and the benefits of our recent capital programs." The company reported second quarter 2006 income from operations of $514 million.

Another step forward in the Costs-saving Program

Since the latest planning meeting in February 2006 the Costs-saving Program at U. S. Steel Kosice has taken another step forward. Every month the innovated plan - to improve on the original costs-saving targets by 50 per cent - has been successfully fulfilled, and even exceeded, also thanks to good teamwork in Continuous Improvement. Important roles have been played by projects at the Cokery, Blast Furnaces, Steel Plant, Hot and Cold Strip Mills, Finishing and Power Divisions.

Boiler K6 in the hands of the repairmen

At the present time the Power Division is carrying out an important ecological project, the reconstruction of power and heating boiler K6. Once completed, the boiler will meet the more strict emissions limits contained in legislation due to come into force from January 1st 2008. Reconstruction of the existing electrostatic precipitators will ensure that solid pollutant emissions are kept within the new limits, and primary and secondary measures within the combustion process will contribute to maintaining NOx limits. This renovation project was begun on June 1st and completion is planned for late September this year.

Michael P. Duff takes over from Mark W. Furry

Last Friday U. S. Steel Kosice General Counsel Second Assistant Mark W. Furry said goodbye to his departmental colleagues, and his position is being taken over from August 1st 2006 by Michael P. Duff (b. 1972), who has already arrived in Kosice. He studied at John Carroll University in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, graduating with a BA degree in sociology. He went on to gain his doctorate in law in 1997 at Pittsburgh University Law School. He has worked for United States Steel Corporation since the year 2000. Before coming to Kosice he was counsel for employment contracts and compensation at U. S. Steel's legal department in Pittsburgh, and here at U. S. Steel Kosice he will be responsible for the activity of the Purchasing Contracts section.

The health of each of us is a collective matter

For the sixth year running the matter of work safety at U. S. Steel Kosice has been dealt with professionally by work safety inspector Erich Toth. Last year he finished study of management at the Berg faculty of the Technical University in Kosice, something he appreciates in his daily life and especially in his communication with people. First he had devoted his time to the division plant Metallurgical secondary production and the Factory fire division, from December of last year he has been responsible for the Coated Products Division Plant.
This is a rather large operation, and after finishing construction on zinc-coating line no. 3 has even increased in size. Work safety in that particular plant, as well as within the other finishing plants, is at a high level. It concerns an up and running production, the people who work there approach their safety at work, and that of their colleagues, responsibly. Along with the management of the division plant we strive to remove all risk factors which might threaten the health and lives of the people who work there.


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