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Highlights of 31/2006

Created: 8/7/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 31/2006

Hermetic sealing at Cokery almost complete

The Chemicals plant at the Cokery division has lost its characteristic unpleasant smell. This is the result of the project known as Cokery Hermetic Sealing, which is about to be completed. The project's objective was to prevent all fumes from the technical units of the Chemicals plant at the Cokery division from escaping into the atmosphere. This week the construction workers are finishing landscaping the area, and clearing out the foundations of the primary condensation units.

Successful at home, in Europe and overseas

Good work, and thanks to all of you for that, remarked former U. S. Steel Kosice President Christopher J. Navetta, currently Senior Vice President - Procurement, Logistics and Diversified Businesses, on hearing about the results attained during the second quarter of this year in the operating life of metallurgical plant at the U. S. Steel Corporation's operations using refractory materials produced by USSK subsidiary Refrako. Words of acknowledgment for the progress in continuous improvement achieved in all vital areas were expressed by Thomas A. Coughlin, General Manager - Procurement for the U. S. Steel Corporation.
Refrako's advances in the fields of quality, applications and working characteristics of their refractory materials have been achieved also thanks to their cooperation with specialists at the Research and Technology Center Monroeville and UEC Technologies USA. Among other things, their joint results include newly-developed grades of refractory materials for the linings of pouring ladles and oxygen converters. These are used not only at the U. S. Steel Kosice works, but also in Serbia and at the Edgar Thompson Works in the USA. Clairton Works staff are also happy with the firebrick material they use for lining their coking batteries, and Refrako products are also satisfying the requirements of several Czech customers.

Their account reads zero

Working without accidents is possible - and at the Mechanics division they have been working that way for more than a year now. According to Mechanics Division Director Jan Vatascin, this is an achievement by the divisional team as a whole. Everyone has accomplished their tasks, from management staff through supervisors and employees' representatives to the employees themselves. In June of this year they attained success in the form of 365 accident-free days, which represented more than one million hours of work without injury in the operational units. Their guiding principles have been those contained in the eight points of the so-called action plan, which has focused attention on the most important tasks in the field of accident reduction. This action plan is currently under review, and management want to put together a further package of measures which will help the division maintain the present situation.

Energoservis has a new logo

The management of joint-stock company Energoservis considers it important for their employees to feel that they have the chance to play a part in decision-making regarding the development of their company. For example, Energoservis has never had a logo, using simply its trading name in its commercial contacts. The upshot of this is that company management decided to appeal to designers in Kosice and ask them for cooperation in creating a logo. The students and faculty members who joined in the project produced around 30 design proposals, but the final version of the new logo was in fact approved by the employees at one of the meetings analyzing the company's business results.

Jazero residents have renovated tram-shelters

The residents of the Nad Jazerom neighborhood now have renovated public transport tram-shelters. The tram-stops started changing their appearance last year in fact, and their renovation is culminating this week with final repairs to their roofs. This renovation was initiated by Kosice City Ward Nad Jazerom Council in cooperation with the Kosice City Public Transport Company and U. S. Steel Kosice. The steelmaking company provided financial assistance and the public transport company in turn carried out the work. KCPT plans in the same way by the end of thiis year to renovate the tram and streetcar waiting facilities near the Lokomotiva stadium on the way up to Alpinka.


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