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Highlights of 34/2006

Created: 8/28/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 34/2006

Partnership cooperation between U. S. Steel Europe operations

The system of exchange of experience in the field of occupational safety between U. S. Steel Kosice and U. S. Steel Serbia is well into its second year now. Last month the Serbian works were visited by a group of safety auditors from Kosice made up of employees from OS and Production sectors alike. According to information from Pavol Vascak, Safety Manager for Specified Technical Plant at U. S. Steel Kosice, they worked with their local colleagues on assessing the employees' working conditions and behavior, and the implementation of programs intended to raise the standard of occupational safety. The aim of the joint meetings taking place alternately in Slovakia and Serbia is to seek out and eliminate weak points which could be potential sources of accidents at work.

5th edition of international "Metal Inspirations" workshop begins

The workshops of the Secondary Vocational School for Metallurgy in Kosice-Saca came alive with young people on Monday of this week despite the summer holidays. This was the beginning of U. S. Steel Kosice's international workshop named "Metal Inspirations 2006". The event is being organized for the 5th time now by the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University in Kosice and U. S. Steel Kosice. This opportunity to try their hand at metalwork was taken up by 14 students from five colleges and universities teaching arts courses in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Just as in previous years, this creative workshop culminates with the official opening of an exhibition of these young artists' works at 5pm on Monday, August 28th in the U. S. Steel Kosice Gallery upstairs in the USSK Public Affairs building.

The "white bricklayers" pull off a fast one

The refractory lining builders of USSK subsidiary Reliningserv, known in the jargon as "white bricklayers", have pulled off another impressive stunt in the last few days. At the Serbian steelworks they completed the repair of heater no.4 of blast furnace no.2 with grade A results. Their rapid, top-quality work has gained them another credit point at U. S. Steel Serbia. Reliningserv took part in an official tendering procedure to get this contract, together with several other firms. The fact that they won it was surely due in part to their previous references, but also their tender, in terms of the price, quality and completion time proposed for the repairs, Ocel Vychodu was told by Reliningserv General Manager Jozef Verespej.

Pony Express brings special mail

On Sunday, August 20th the European Pony Express successfully made it to Kosice, the first time the city has been the service's destination since it was started. The riders brought around one hundred special occasional postcards with the original franking stamp. There was also a unique greeting from the organizers of the European Pony Express for the representatives of the American company U. S. Steel Kosice, which was accepted by Vice-president Commercial John Peters and the Mayor of Kosice Frantisek Knapik.

The Ladislav Trojak Memorial tournament

Last weekend the ice-rink of the Steel Arena in Kosice was especially busy. Four adolescent teams from Zvolen, Banska Bystrica, Nitra and Kosice competed in the 27th edition of the revived Ladislav Trojak Memorial ice-hockey tournament. Showing themselves in the best light at this tournament were the young hockey players of Nitra Hockey Club, who deservedly enjoyed winning first place and the valuable trophy that goes with it. The organizers also announced and rewarded the best players in the tournament. The best goalman was our Jaromir Dragan, the best attacker was declared as Miroslav Kovala from Banska Bystrica, the best defender was Matej Repa from Zvolen, and the prize for best goal-scorer went to Peter Paukner of Nitra.


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