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Highlights of 38/2006

Created: 9/25/2006
Author: Recorded by: Andy BILLINGHAM, Kamila DEMKOVA
Category: 38/2006

Scholarship program participants visit USSK

Since the year 2004 U. S. Steel Kosice has been applying its scholarship program to support studying by talented young people from socially-disadvantaged families and children's homes at colleges and universities. On Wednesday of last week, September 13th, the current scholars accepted the invitation of U. S. Steel Kosice President David H. Lohr to show off their study results and share their plans for the future, but also to gain a more complete picture of how the steelworks functions.
First of all the young visitors went on a tour of the production plants to see for themselves what they look like, and then they had a discussion with President David Lohr and Vice-president Miroslav Kiralvarga. The present group of scholars includes future doctors, lawyers, teachers, technicians, artists and ecologists, and maybe one day, the President said, they will really take up important positions in society. Without financial assistance from the steel company, however, they would not be able to afford to study, even though their study results are outstandingly good.

"Hope in Steel"

At the end of October 2002 U. S. Steel Kosice unveiled a unique building technology based on steel construction. The show house which was then erected in less than one year in the Kosice suburb of Krasna looks no different externally from the same design of house built from bricks or wood. Its indisputable advantage, however, lies in the rapidity and variability of its construction and its resistance to natural disasters, and the savings it offers on central-heating costs are attractive as well. The first steel-built, two-storey house in Kosice has 120 square meters of living space, and last year the management of U. S. Steel Kosice decided to donate it to the borough of Kosice-Krasna for public-benefit purposes. This set off a project which became reality on Wednesday of last week, September 13th 2006, with the official opening in the steel house itself of the Children's Crisis Center auspiciously named "Hope in Steel".

Obal-Servis takes over Vozmult operations

The process of closing down the company Vozmult, which culminated on August 31st of this year, has not meant loss of employment for its fifteen workers. The servicing and repairing of fork-lift trucks, multicars and microcars, and all its other activities together with the workforce have been taken over since September 1st 2006 by U. S. Steel Kosice subsidiary Obal-Servis, a.s. Kosice.

European Car-Free Day

This Friday, September 22nd 2006, we in Kosice have the chance to join in with thousands of other Europeans living and working in large cities and find out for at least one day in the year that not using the car is a quite natural and normal experience. The European Car-Free Day, taking place for the fifth time now, is an attempt to draw people's attention to the unsustainability of individual car use, its impact on the environment and effects on people's health.

GPs at the Protected Operation

Doctors in general practise assessing people's health-related capacity for work must be very familiar with employees' workplaces and working environments. As Ocel Vychodu was told by Occupational Health Service Director Michal Ihnatko, correct assessment of people's health-related capacity for work can in fact be one of the preconditions for preventing injuries and various illnesses. On Tuesday, September 12th, on his initiative, the general practitioners from Kosice-Saca Hospital doing duties at the plant-based clinics around U. S. Steel Kosice visited the Protected Operation, where they looked around the different workplaces and thoroughly familiarized themselves with the existing employment positions.


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